Nicole Eggert went on live television yesterday morning (Jan. 30) to detail her Sexual Molestation allegations against former co-star Scott Baio. Eggert, who is now 46 years old, claims that Baio, now 57, began molesting her when she was 14 and they were filming "Charles in Charge" together. According to Eggert, the abuse went on for years. Most of the information in this article comes from reports by the Los Angeles Times and Variety.

Eggert opens up to Kelly with attorney present

Along with her attorney, Lisa Bloom, Eggert appeared on NBC's "Megyn Kelly Today" on Tuesday morning to add to the sexual molestation charges that she hinted at on Twitter over the weekend.

At that time, Eggert posted a comment that Baio should be asked about what happened to her in his garage when she was just 14. Baio soon went to Facebook Live to defend himself, not arguing that the incident never happened, but saying that she had seduced him.

On Tuesday, Eggert spoke in detail to Kelly about her claims that Baio began sexually abusing her when "Charles in Charge" began in 1986, at which time she was 14 years old and he was more than a decade older. She alleges that Baio penetrated her with his finger as they were sitting in his car in his garage, while he was declaring his love for her and hopes of marriage in the future. Eggert adds that Baio would often slink her onto his lap and fondle her in front of other cast members during the years of abuse.

Eggert recalls being very young and quite emotional at the time. She adds that she felt threatened to keep quiet about what was going on, as Baio was her boss on the show and was in a position of power over her. Witnesses to these alleged incidents on the set of "Charles in Charge" include actors Adam Carl and Alexander Polinski, who support Eggert's claims that Baio often acted inappropriately towards her on the set.

Lost her virginity at age 17

Eggert claims that Baio continued to sexually abuse her multiple times per week until she was 17, at which time, she says, she lost her virginity to him. In the state of California, she was considered a minor at the time.Although she agrees that she was a willing participant at the time, she said that it was upsetting and not a good experience.

After their sexual experience, Eggert claims, Baio began treating her poorly, being "mean."

Baio has yet to respond to Eggert's television interview and accusations. Eggert and Bloom told Kelly that Eggert is considering filing a police report against Baio and is exploring other legal options as well.