According to ABC News, Kensington Palace announced on Tuesday that a wedding date has been set for the youngest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Prince Henry Charles Albert David and American actress Meghan Markle will be married in St. Geroge's chapel in May. Markle who hails from Los Angeles is a divorcee who is three years older than her fiancee. She is also the first biracial woman to marry into the royal family. Prince Harry is fifth in line to the royal throne, behind his father, brother William and William's children George and Charlotte.

Meghan is a Protestant but one married into the Windsor family she will be baptized into the Church of England.

This royal wedding is different for several reasons

All over the world people are taking an interest in yet another royal wedding. This one is filled with differences which are being talked about. In addition to being 36 to Prince Harry's age of 33, Markle is of mixed race heritage, which she says she has learned to embrace. Her vocation as an actress has everyone wondering if she will give it up once she becomes one of the royals and of course she has previously been wed. Princess Diana had to be certified as a virgin before she could marry Prince Charles. Meghan Markle like Kate Middleton will not be held to such standards.

Much has changed since Charles and Di were married in 1981. It has been reported that Prince William and the former Kate Middleton lived together before they were wed and no one raised an eyebrow. Markle is currently in Toronto while filming the sixth season of "Suits." Once she marries Prince Harry, the couple will live in Nottingham Cottage which is on the grounds of Kensington Palace.

The Queen has given her approval

Queen Elizabeth II has given her approval for the nuptials of Prince Harry, and his soon to be bride and the royal family will pay for the event. According to "People Magazine" Katie Middleton also is thrilled for her brother in law and his fiancee. Even so, according to Yahoo News Meghan Markle will more than likely not be allowed to be addressed as "The black Princess."

The Royals will do all they can to make sure her biracial identity remains low key.

This would be more difficult if the future princess had features that were more distinctly African American. There may be people who had no idea of her heritage until it was mentioned and it's unfortunate that it even has to be. Prince Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle should simply be two people in love who are getting married, period.