Prince William used to evade talking about his mother especially in the years following her tragic death. The Duke Of Cambridge admitted that the very first emotion he felt upon the loss of his mother was anger. But recently he and his brother Prince Harry took turns recalling all the noble works of their late mother.

The heirs to the British throne recently recognized people that have similar advocacies with their mother. They have given out 20 Legacy Awards to deserving individuals that also made an impact on the lives of others.

The Princess of Wales' sons Prince William and Prince Harry commemorate their mother's death

During the occasion, the royal brothers mentioned all the amazing works of the Princess Of Wales like her advocacy to lessen the stigma of Aids, to ban landmines, defend the homeless, and inspire millions of people with her life.

Prince William opened up about his mother three years ago when he visited an institution - the Child Bereavement charity which was supported by his mother for children who lost their parents early. Right now he and his wife Kate Middleton continue to support the charity.

He also established the Heads Together charity and other initiatives to honor their mother. To commemorate the 20th death anniversary of the Princess of Wales, Prince William and Prince Harry commissioned the erection of a statue of their mother at the Kensington Palace at what is now called The White Garden.

Prince Harry was able to gather the strength to talk about the late Princess of Wales in March of this year. He said that his mother could be looking down and wishing that he can have children of his own. Now that he is with Meghan Markle this wish might come true very soon.

Lady Di worked tirelessly

Two days ago, Channel 24 reported that William said his mother "touched the lives of millions" during her life and still inspires "countless acts of compassion and bravery" two decades after her death in a car crash.

This was during the Legacy Award ceremony, where he went on to say that their mother worked wholeheartedly even without the cameras or even when no one was watching. He added that she worked even in the middle of the night just to comfort a patient in a hospital or write letters of inspiration.

Kate Middleton's husband admitted in August last year that he dearly missed his mother every single day of his life.

The Duke of Cambridge has always been a fan of his mother. While she was still alive, he would always find time to show his love for her.

During Princess Diana's trying times when her lover James Hewitt caused the publication of the book "Princess In Love," her son showed understanding and empathy. Prince Charles's ex-wife felt that she was betrayed and feared the reaction of her children. She admitted the affair. Just when she was about to talk to her children about it, Prince William shocked his mother.

He took a box of chocolates, presented it to his mother and said, "Mummy, I think you've been hurt. These are to make you smile again." During the years she agonized over her divorce from Prince Charles, Prince William stuck with her.

When the separation was finalized and Princess Diana lost her crown, her eldest son said something that will melt every mother's heart. He said, "Don't worry Mummy, I will give it back to you one day when I am king."

Prince William and Prince Harry have grown to be the kind of men their mom wanted them to be. Aside from continuing his legacy and her humanitarian works, they have stayed close to each other. The Princess of Wales wanted them to stay grounded and even with the Duke of Cambridge's children, Lady Di's influence is evident.