Kailyn Lowry is currently busy with her three sons, but this "Teen Mom 2" star just learned that her hard work with Scentsy has paid off. Kailyn recently revealed that she had won a trip to Europe next summer. She didn't clarify whether she'd pay for her sons to come along, but this "Teen Mom 2" star is definitely set on going. While many of her Scentsy followers congratulated her on winning the trip, sharing the disappointment that they would not be going, others had an interesting approach to celebrating her win.

It's no secret that Lowry got pregnant with Chris Lopez two years ago to have another baby.

Many accused her of targeting Lopez because she wanted a baby with an African American so she could have a mixed baby. However, Lowry has never talked about this accusation. According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now being slammed with the idea that she could get pregnant once again on her trip, so she could have a second mixed baby. For some reason, people believe she will get pregnant on this trip so she can have another mixed baby and no drama with a biological father.

Shocked at major win

Kailyn Lowry appeared shocked on Twitter yesterday after she announced that she had won the trip from Scentsy. She didn't go into details as to why she won the trip, but it's possible that she won the trip due to most sales or most earnings.

It's no secret that she may have an advantage because of her large "Teen Mom 2" following.

It's possible that Lowry will foot the bill for her three sons and bring them with her on the trip. Since Lowry isn't dating anyone, it's possible she will make this a family holiday rather than a professional trip where she focuses on work.

But if she's making it a family vacation with her three boys, it seems unlikely for her to get pregnant.

Another baby on the way?

It's interesting that people think she will get pregnant on this trip, so she can have a fourth baby without worrying about the biological father coming after her for child support and a custody case.

If she does choose to have another baby on her trip, she will have four children by four different fathers. While she may not care about this fact, many of her followers and haters will have plenty of comments about her and how she's not a role model because of her parenting decisions. Only time will tell whether Kailyn is going through with baby number four.

Do you think Kailyn Lowry is planning on having another baby despite not being in a relationship?