Blac Chyna is headed to court on Monday with her attorney, Lisa Bloom, and will seek a restraining order against "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star, Rob Kardashian. The legal move comes just days after Rob Kardashian went on a social media tirade, something Bloom refers to as "revenge porn."

Attorney, Lisa Bloom, whose mother is prominent civil rights attorney Gloria Allred, wasted no time notifying the public that she was hired by Blac Chyna. On Thursday, she offered her opinion about the Blac vs Rob situation that made headlines last week, followed by a tweet on Friday where she stated that she represents Blac Chyna and "gave Rob Kardashian notice."

Bloom gets backlash on Twitter

In Thursday's tweet, Attorney Lisa Bloom, who often appears as a legal commentator on CNN, gave her "take" on the situation, noting that what "Rob did to Blac Chyna could be 'revenge porn,' and illegal."

On Friday, Bloom made it official — Blac hired her and they are headed to court to get a restraining order against the Reality TV star.

"I represent Blac Chyna. I just gave Rob Kardashian notice that we'll be in court Monday seeking restraining orders against him. More to come," Bloom tweeted.

Shortly after she announced that she was representing Blac Chyna, actor Michael Rapaport called Bloom out on Twitter, calling her a "no integrity s**t stain." He called her out for sharing business about the potential case, calling Bloom a "non-lawyer" and a "bottom feeding pig."

Rapaport didn't stop there. He mocked Attorney Bloom in a series of tweets, stating that the "Kardashian case is a crown jewel in a life of exploitation" and said she "breaks up families for profit."

Bloom fires back

Bloom, who, like her mother, focuses on women's rights issues in many of her cases, fired back at Rapaport.

She told the Wrap, "Thank you, Michael Rapaport and all my trolls for reminding me every day how much harder I need to fight for women's rights."

Later, Rapaport admitted to the Wrap that he doesn't know Attorney Lisa Bloom "personally." He went on to say he "lashed out" on Twitter because he "detests the bottom feeders who have faux agendas behind the veil of being a lawyer."

On Friday, Attorney Bloom issued a statement that explains why she is representing Blac Chyna, stating that she is "proud" to represent Rob Kardashian's ex.

Off to court

Rapaport's rant isn't stopping Lisa Bloom from moving forward with Blac Chyna's case against Rob Kardashian. She states, via a tweet, that she will appear in Los Angeles Superior Court with Blac on Monday, July 10 at 8:30 a.m. to "request appropriate restraining orders" and that would require "Mr. Kardashian to behave like a grownup towards the mother of his baby."