The love story of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is an ideal material for any movie because there are thrills galore. The audience will be curious to know how a helicopter pilot, who saw action in Afghanistan, came to fall in love with an actress of Hollywood.

Vancouver Sun reports that the film “Harry & Meghan: A Royal Love Story” will be filmed by the cable network Lifetime, and is expected to be shot in Vancouver during Feb. 13 to March 9. This is based on the production list of the Directors Guild of Canada. The action would spread across countries like Great Britain, Canada, and Africa.

Great Britain is Harry’s home, and Canada is where Markle filmed the legal TV drama “The Suits.”

The story in brief

The story of “Harry & Meghan: A Royal Love Story” will be all about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. He belonged to the British Royal family and had seen action as an Apache chopper pilot in Afghanistan. She was an actress of Hollywood who had earned recognition while doing the TV drama series “The Suits.” They met through some common friends but had to keep the relationship a secret for a long time. Once they got the acceptance, they announced their engagement and the rest is history.

The story has enough scope to hold the attention of the audience with references to Afghanistan, Invictus Games, and Hollywood.

The director is expected to be Bangladesh-born British filmmaker Menhaj Huda who is well-known in the industry. He could introduce exciting scenes of the Afghanistan war front along with life in Hollywood. Both will be equally relevant to the story.

A similar movie was made when Prince William, elder brother of Harry, married Kate Middleton.

It was aired 11 days before their royal wedding, and Lifetime will have to speed up their activities if they plan to release the Harry-Meghan movie before May 19, the date of their wedding.

Meghan is learning

Neither Meghan Markle nor Kate Middleton have any royal background. However, Meghan is an American, while Kate is a British.

Obviously, Meghan had to do a lot of learning to win the hearts of not only the Royal family but also of the people. It can be presumed that Prince Harry had initiated the learning process before introducing her to the family. Since she is an actress of Hollywood, she is a fast learner and, that could be a part of the movie. The names of the actors who would portray their roles have not yet been disclosed, but it can be forecast that “Harry & Meghan: A Royal Love Story” would impress the audience.