The rumors about the Kardashians have been flying. Kim Kardashian West did admit that she has a baby on the way via surrogate. Kylie Jenner hasn't been around much and wasn't even on the family Christmas card. Now because of something that was seen on a recent episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" the Fans are sure that Kylie is the one carrying Kim's baby and that she isn't pregnant with her own.

What hints has Kylie been putting out there?

The Hollywood Life shared the details about what happened and has everyone talking right now. During the January 7 episode of the show, fans noticed something.

Kylie Jenner sent all of her sisters donuts that were pink and spelled out their names. It was a cute gift that she sent to them. They talk about Kylie, but they just don't show her at all on the show.

Another thing that Kylie Jenner has been doing is posting a ton of pink things on social networks. This could simply mean that she likes pink or it could mean that she is pregnant with a girl herself. There is a ton of speculation going on.

What makes fans think it is Kim's baby?

For some reason, Kim Kardashian West didn't get a box of donuts that they showed. This could have just been that they didn't show it, but the fans are now totally convinced that Kim didn't get donuts because she is the mom and not the aunt.

Fans think that Kylie Jenner only sent the donuts to the ones who will be aunts of the baby.

Another small hint is that Kim Kardashian West did already share that she is having a girl this time around. It would be interesting if Kylie and Kim were both having a girl, but who knows what is going on with these two. This is the third child for Kim, but her last two pregnancies were pretty rough so she decided to use a surrogate this time around, which is for the best for her.

The fact that Kylie Jenner hasn't even admitted that she is pregnant really has the fans confused. Everyone wants to know the details about what is going on, but they just aren't telling anyone yet. They are instead just teasing what could be happening and making the fans wonder. Eventually, Kim and Kylie will both have to reveal what is going on.

Kim may never share who her surrogate was if it wasn't Kylie, but you know if it was then they are going to eventually tell everyone the details.

Do you think that Kylie Jenner might be carrying Kim Kardashian West's baby? Do you think Kylie is instead pregnant with her own child? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.