Jazz Jennings of "I Am Jazz" on TLC has made it clear she wants to get Gender Confirmation Surgery done. She has been seeing various doctors and trying to get it set up. Now, it is being revealed that she will have to lose 30 lbs. before she can get it done. That is a pretty big amount to lose. The Hollywood Gossip shared the details.

What has Jazz been doing that is so bad?

Jazz had to go and visit her doctor on the recent episode of "I Am Jazz." During this visit, she found out that she has to lose 30 lbs. to have the surgery. Jazz Jennings has admitted that she has a problem with eating and will even sneak fast food into her bedroom.

Since she has been able to drive, it makes it a lot easier for her to get access to any food that she wants.

She even admitted to her parents that when she went to the grocery store recently she got a Big Deal of Nutella, chocolate milk and even a big deal of fried chicken. She said that she ate all of it and she has been lying to her parents about food all the time. Jazz gets that she has a problem, but she says she is not able to fix it. Her dad thinks it has to do with maturity a bit.

What did the doctor have to say?

The doctor wanted to follow-up with Jazz in person and they did talk about weight. She explained to her that her BMI was too big and she needs to fix it. The hospital needs to allow her to have surgery at age 17.

She explained that if she is one dot over on her BMI then they won't approve it. That means that Jazz has 30 lbs. to lose.

The thing is Jazz Jennings didn't realize that this could affect her surgery. If she has the weight on her, then the surgery is going to be a lot harder on her. The doctor wants to do what is best for Jazz for sure.

They also talked about not having enough tissue to make her genitals possibly. The doctor said, "Your surgery will be very difficult in terms of what even the most experienced surgeons have encountered."

Jazz Jennings explained a bit more and said, "My confidence constantly wavers & some days I love my new larger figure & other days I beat myself up about it.

Even though I appear so strong, I’m still human and learning to love myself undeniably." The fans are going to have to wait and see if she can end up losing the weight or not and be able to get this surgery done. It is very important to Jazz so she will more than likely try to lose as much as possible so that she can get it done. It looks like her family is going to help push her to lose the weight.

Do you feel like Jazz Jennings will be able to lose the weight and get her surgery done? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new episodes of "I Am Jazz" on Tuesday nights on TLC.