An article from The Washington Post made an interesting point to let "grown-ish" stand on its own instead of being compared to "A Different World" (something I also talked about during my last recap), and it's understandable. "Grown-ish" has already made a difference by tackling subject matter such as students needing a "supplement" of sorts to get them through the day, while showing the pros and cons of all sides as opposed to just the negatives. Tonight's episode is something that any generation can relate to but is once again looked at from a contemporary point of view.

Zoey and Aaron have gotten busy

Not that kind of hooking up (at least not yet), but the two of them have "messed around" (as in making out) several times, and Aaron's latest "U Up" text, a text that's sent late at night and often implies that something sexual should follow if you're awake to answer it, has Zoey stressing. She calls in the girls for a hilarious conversation about what they think a "U Up" text is all about. Zoey thinks that guys don't have this type of conversation, but Aaron, Vivek, and a drive-by Luca are in fact having a similar conversation. Ultimately, Zoey takes Ana's advice to make Aaron sweat it out by not responding to the text (it's 2:30 am anyway, which are "h* hours," the twins note) in order for her to gain the power in their dynamic.

How does that work out for her?

Zoey's text meltdown

Zoey believes her power move has worked until a girl calls Aaron out of class and Zoey watches him give her a quick kiss before they depart. Now Zoey's the one sending the "U Up" text and is embarrassed when she sees Aaron typing a message, but then ultimately doesn't reply.

She further embarrasses herself when she goes on a texting tirade that goes more and more off topic. If anyone's just given up their "power," it's Zoey. The next day, her friends confirm what we all know: she just completely embarrassed herself.

But has she learned?

No. She has continued to call him and even tries to convince Ana that the rose emoji he posted on Instagram is Aaron subbing her. It's actually gotten a little bit creepy. But then, something interesting happens.

The balancing act

It turns out that Zoey's got feelings for Luca as well, and doesn't hesitate to answer his "U Up" text. He takes her out to a party and they have fun and "mess around." She truly enjoys herself, but then tries to balance both of them when Aaron sends her a "U Up" text.

Unfortunately, that can only last so long as the boys catch her talking to them both when they happen to video chat her from both her phone and laptop at the same time. Considering neither one likes the other, this especially annoys them, and both give Zoey the silent treatment in class the next day.

In the end

The Dean catches Zoey while she's down and she surprisingly opens up to him. He gives her some great advice about communication and honesty, and she takes the advice to heart. She concludes that it's time for her to just focus on her girls...something that lasts for about thirty seconds. A new guy named Cash (or Kash?) has captured her interest.

What I love about "Grown-ish" is that Yara Shahidi's Zoey is getting the character development I personally felt she really didn't get (compared to her three siblings) on "Black-ish." It's not only enjoyable but genuinely relatable in terms of the things that young adults of this generation deal with.

I'm pleasantly surprised that they didn't do the typical storyline where Zoey ends up pining over Aaron again by the end, but instead a third party. According to Deadline, Cash will be around for more than one episode too.

Catch the next episode of "Grown-ish" next Wednesday at 8 p.m.