The latest updates and spoilers for "Avengers 4" reveal that the Mad Titan Thanos will return as the film's main antagonist. Cast member Josh Brolin posted a photo on his Instagram account, teasing fans that his character will wreak havoc in the fourth movie with the full force of the Infinity Stones. Thanos will make his first full-time appearance in "Infinity War" as he takes on Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Just Jared also posted new behind-the-scenes photos of the sequel's production and the images teased a Time Travel storyline as Iron Man meets a younger Captain America during the events of the first "Avengers" film.

Thanos reigns

Josh Brolin posted a photo of Thanos during the "Infinity War" trailer made a hilarious caption to his mother. Although Brolin has not been seen on the set of "Avengers 4," the photo may be enough to convince the Marvel fans that Thanos will be back and finish the job he started on earth.

The plot of the fourth film will take place on earth as the heroes prepare for one final assault against the Mad Titan of the universe. Thanos will collect all of the Infinity Stones with the help of his children, The Black Order. Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive subdue Vision for the Minds Stone, while Ebony Maw hunts down Doctor Stephen Strange for the Time Stone.

An army of Outriders will assault the African nation of Wakanda as it is theorized that the Soul Stone is located there.

Black Panther will lead his army to battle alongside the Winter Soldier and Captain America's team.

Time traveling Avengers?

The new behind-the-scenes photos of the fourth "Avengers" movie teased that Iron Man, Hulk, and Ant-Man traveled back in time during the Battle of New York. The three heroes stumble upon Steve Rogers who is wearing his original "Avengers" movie uniform.

Comic book fans also noticed that the four characters are wearing strange bracelets on their hands and they theorized that it could be a device that lets them stay on a particular timeline.

While the purpose of there visit is unknown, it seems that whatever they are doing will affect the outcome of the future timeline. The Chitauri Invasion marks the formation of the original team as they stop Loki from conquering earth.

Perhaps Tony is trying to prevent something from destroying their future and used the Time Stone to back to that exact moment.

"Avengers 4" is scheduled to be released in cinemas on May 3, 2019.