The latest updates and spoilers for "Legends of tomorrow" Season 3 reveal a possible romance between two new members of the Legends crew during its return. Cast member Dominic Purcell told Nerdist that John Constantine will have an interesting angle with Leo Snart a.k.a. Citizen Cold which could lead to something more as it progresses. Both characters will join the team as John warns Sara Lance of a new danger involving a demon who knows her name.

Co-star Brandon Routh also confirmed that "The Flash's" Keiynan Lonsdale will suit-up as Kid Flash in the show.

Wally West has been rumored to join the "Arrowverse" TV series and DC fans have finally got their wish.

A new romance

According to Dominic Purcell, John Constantine will have a "playful" dynamic with Leo Snart during his time on the Waverider and his character, Mick Rory, will be weirded out by the dynamic. "Well, Trenchcoat has just arrived and I've only had one scene with him, and that was last week," Purcell said. "He was hitting on Wentworth's character. Isn't Constantine bisexual. And it was all too much for Rory, so he just kind of walked out."

Leo Snart joined the team after their encounter with the Earth X regime during the "Crisis on Earth X" crossover. Mick had a hard time bonding with Leo since he reminded him of his doppelganger, who died in the first season.

John Constantine, on the other hand, asked the team to help him on a mission involving a dangerous demon. This entity also has a connection to Sara Lance, since it knows her name. Comic book fans speculated that the demonic entity could be Mollus, the show's current main antagonist.

Mollus has been using the anachronism to terrorize the time stream and Rip Hunter believes that the Legends are more than capable enough to stop him.

Wally West coming soon

According to ComicBookResources, Brandon Routh confirmed that Wally West will appear on the show, but he will not be a permanent member of the team. Routh specified that his time on the Waverider will be short and his skills are required for an unknown mission.

CW Network President Mark Pedowitz told BGN that Wally could be a potential replacement for Firestorm in the show, along with Citizen Cold and John Constantine.

However, since Wally will not stay too long with the group, it could lead to Leo and John being possible replacements for Martin Stein and Jax Jackson.

Kid Flash has not been used properly in the fourth season of "The Flash" and the producers felt that his move to "Legends of Tomorrow" will help him grow as a hero and get out of his mentor's shadow, Barry Allen.

The show returns on February 12 at 8 PM on the CW Network.