Jeremy Calvert of "Teen Mom" has given out a hint that he could be engaged once again. OK! Magazine shared that it looks like Jeremy could be getting married again after one failed married to Leah Messer. Jeremy shared a picture with the brunette on New Years and the two were getting pretty cozy. It was obvious that he is into her.

Seems to be moving on

Jeremy Calvert posted a photo of her on New Years where he also wished her a happy 22nd birthday. He hasn't been shy about showing her off, but so far, he isn't saying her name.

The fans did get some hope that Jeremy and Leah would get back together.

They were recently seen talking to each other on Twitter and it wasn't in a negative way. Jeremy even tweeted to her joking about how she needed to answer his text message. It turns out that doesn't appear to be the case seeing that he has this new girl in his life.

One fan even told there two that they should get back together, but Leah was nice enough to respond and let fans know that they are not good together as a couple, but are great friends. Sometimes friendship turns into the best relationships, but it doesn't seem to be the case with these two. Jeremy and Leah have already said they are never getting back together even though the fans have pushed for it more than once.

If you remember, back in November Jeremy had a different girl on his Instagram.

She was a blonde nurse that actually looked a bit like Leah. He later erased every sign of her and seemed to have moved on. Maybe he has found the right girl this time around, but you just never know.

Jeremy hints at marriage

In another post, Jeremy Calvert shared a picture of an amazing homecooked meal and commented it wondering how he got this lucky.

Then he added a few ring emojis to the post. This could mean that he is planning to marry her someday or is even already engaged.

So far, this is all that Jeremy Calvert has said, but fans are really speculating that he is already engaged. He hasn't even let everyone in on who she is just yet, but she might not want to be in the public eye.

Just because Jeremy was on reality television, that doesn't mean that is the life that she wants for herself. He has already had one engagement in the public eye that didn't last and was a mess, so he might want to avoid that happening again as well.

Do you think that Jeremy Calvert is getting married one again? Do you feel like he is moving too fast? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.