Do Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert have a future together? While the "Teen Mom 2" star and mother of three admitted to being interested in a reconciliation with her ex-husband during an episode of the MTV reality series last year, Calvert is not open to the idea -- despite his recent split from fiancee Brooke Wehr.

During a Instagram live chat session with his fans, which followed his shocking split from Wehr, Calvert was asked if he was dating his ex-wife after their breakup. In turn, Calvert confirmed that he is not dating Messer, nor will he ever be.

"I'm never getting back with Leah," Calvert explained to his fans and followers, according to a report by Radar Online on February 21. "We are strictly friends now."

At the end of 2015, Leah Messer and Calvert were seen enjoying a meal together on "Teen Mom 2" and after becoming slightly tipsy at the dinner, Messer spoke of her relationship regrets and rehashed her past issues with Calvert. However, while the reality star and mother of three was hoping that Calvert would give her another chance, he wasn't open to the idea and got back together with Wehr a short time later.

Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr became engaged in 2016

Months after his dinner meeting with Messer, Calvert and Wehr traveled to Ocean City, Maryland, where they became engaged.

A short time later, the couple began to experience relationship issues and after a brief split earlier this year, they officially called off their engagement.

While the details surrounding Calvert and Wehr's breakup have not yet been confirmed, rumors are swirling which have suggested that Calvert may have cheated on Wehr with numerous women, including a "Teen Mom 2" producer named Mandi.

Following their split, Wehr spoke of Calvert's alleged infidelities on her Instagram page while he labeled her a "crazy b***h" on his own social media page.

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