Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have hired a Surrogate Mother to carry their child, and they have some pretty strict rules in place according to TMZ.

Kim Kardashian in major mommy mode

Since her OBGYN has warned Kim Kardashian that carrying another child herself could be very dangerous to both Kim and baby, the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" reality star and husband Kanye West have decided to go a different route. Just days after the news broke that Beyonce and JAY-Z's twins had been born TMZ has confirmed Kim and Kanye's decision to move ahead with a new baby.

Coincidence? Probably not.

Kimye keeping up with the Carters?

Celebrity news followers are well aware that Kimye has a weird competitive thing especially when it comes to the Carters. They will not be one-upped. The celebrity news site reveals that the Kardashian/West surrogate deal is in place. They will be paying ten monthly installment payments of $4,500, totally $45,000.

Should the surrogate carry multiples then $5,000 extra per baby will be added on. This could be a huge possibility, especially since Beyonce just had twins, Kim Kardashian could go for twins or even triplets to keep things interesting. To get the ball rolling, they will be placing a $68,850 deposit with the selected agency.

However, the surrogate mother is expected to refrain from smoking, drinking and drug use while pregnant.

The mother is also required to agree to no sexual activity for a period of 21 days following the embryo implantation, with added restrictions in the last months of the pregnancy. There are also rules which include staying out of hot tubs/saunas, agreeing to avoid cat litter, hair dye, raw fish and only one caffeinated drink per day.

The surrogate mother's identity is unknown at this time. It was originally rumored that Kim would enlist the aid of either sister Kourtney or Khloe to carry, but that idea appears to have been nixed.

Kourtney has already carried three children of her own and may want to have a couple of more of her own in the next few years.

She has previously mentioned that she would love to have a big family, with maybe six children.

As for Khloe, she is reportedly head over heels in love with Cleveland NBA player Tristan Thompson so the two of them may be eventually marrying and starting a family of their own sometime down the road.

So it appears that surrogacy is the best route for Kim and Kanye. Now the big question remains, how many babies will the couple be shooting for and will Kim and Kanye's surrogacy be a focused subject in an upcoming season of the family's reality series?