After Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin shocked "Teen Mom 2" fans with news of their breakup, many fans turned to Kailyn Lowry to see how she would react. Many Kail and Javi shippers wondered if there was a chance that the former married couple would be getting back together. However, the bigger question is whether or not Kailyn and Briana will ever be friends again. With rumors flying that Bri and Javi might be getting back together about as quickly as they ended things, Kailyn discusses why she's so angry at her former friend.

Kailyn talks Briana friendship on Podcast

The answer to that question came straight out of Kailyn's mouth recently on her podcast, “Coffee Convos With Kailyn Lowry & Lindsie Chrisley." Kailyn went on her latest rant, speaking directly to Javi, as he stopped by to share some "Teen Mom 2" gossip on the show. It was teased that Javi and Bri might be getting back together. Kail let him know exactly she feels about a reconciliation and whether she could try to get along with Briana again.

“It would never happen," Kail said of being friends with Briana again. "We will never get along. You allowed her to disrespect me to my face. Also on camera. Also in text messages. And then when I said what I had to say in a nice way, you defended her and not me.

And we raise a son together. You don’t raise a son with her."

"So basically you made it clear that she was allowed to tell me to suck her d**k and I wasn’t allowed to say anything about her or to her. What I can do is only go on how she treats me. I can only form an opinion on how she is towards me as a person, how she talks about me, how you allow her to disrespect me.

I can only go on that. I can’t go on what she is portrayed on TV. I’ve only said good things about her prior to that, gave her credit when she left Louis, gave her- talked to her when I was getting cheated on by Chris, she was getting cheated on by Louis. We had conversations. So I didn’t have anything negative to say until she treated me that way.

And you allowed it. What you’re saying is if you guys get back together would we be allowed to sit in the same room? No. Absolutely not. I would never forgive… You think that girl can apologize to me? Pigs will fly when that girl apologizes to me… I guess we don’t know what the future holds. I doubt it (that she would apologize).”

Should Kailyn just be friendly?

In the few short months that Bri and Javi dated, the feuding between Bri and Kailyn got pretty intense. Considering Kail and Javi's history, it's hard to even blame her for getting petty when her former friend started dating the father of one of her children. Not to mention the text messages, subtle and not so subtle jabs on social media, and the list of complaints Kail made during the podcast.

It's pretty clear that Kailyn and Javi are truly working on their friendship for the sake of their son Lincoln. Javi even publicly supported his ex-wife when she backed out of more plastic surgery just hours before she was supposed to get it done.

With both Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry taking their feud to extreme levels of petty, being nice at this point would be very hard. With their friendship clearly over and considering all the digs that Briana took at Kailyn unless she completely changes her tune with Javi's ex-wife, there's little to no chance that they can even pretend to get along at this point. That's something that Javi needs to decide if it's worth having his current partner and his ex at odds as they try to co-parent their son together and remain civil.