Jax Taylor had heartbreaking news just after Christmas when his Dad, Ronald Cauchi, passed away from esophageal cancer. Jax posted the sad news via his Instagram and Twitter accounts December 28.

It has been such a difficult time for him, but brittany cartwright, his girlfriend and co-star on "Vanderpum Rules," has been very strong for him.

Jax posted, "I can’t even breathe anymore, only person not letting me fall right now is my amazing girlfriend," as part of his very sad news tweet.

Brittany is totally there for Jax during his terrible pain

Just at Christmas, Jax was clowning around with Brittany and her family wearing an Elf costume.

A lot of people commented than that it is so good to see the couple working on their relationship after the cheating with Faith Stowers scandal. It is when times are hard and the pain is too much to bear, that relationships really grow stronger.

In the space of just a few days, Jax mentioned Brittany again about how she is helping him. December 29, he posted, "Thank you to everyone for the kind messages, I haven’t had any strength to respond or breathe for that matter, I just want you all to know Brittany has been reading them to me."

Outpouring of love for Jax Taylor

Tom Schwartz stepped up and posted a wonderful message to Jax on Twitter.

"Let's flood @mrjaxtaylor with love and compassion. So sorry for your loss my friend."

The outpouring of love was beautiful to see, even though the circumstances are tragic.

Fans also credited Brittany for her support for Jax right now.

"So sorry. Stay strong. I know it's hard, trust me. @BNCartwright is doing the best for you. Your in my thoughts Jax Much Love & Respect," posted one follower.

Another said, "Brittany is a darling. Sorry for your loss x."

Jax Taylor preparing to have life celebration for his dad Saturday

Right now, while working through his loss and pain, Jax and his sister are back in Michigan and are planning the life celebration for his dad this coming weekend, Saturday, January 6.

He tweeted, "My sister and I are Back in Michigan setting up our celebration party for my father that is going take place this Saturday, I will have further details later today."

Celebrating his father's life at a party is a lovely idea and many supporters liked the idea. "That’s a lovely idea. Such a positive way to put it. Sympathies to you and your family x," said one tweeter.

Another said, "I'm so sorry about your dad Jax. I pray you find peace & comfort. Your a strong man. You have an amazing woman (@BNCartwright) by your side.

Know your dad will always be with you!! Stay warm while your here. It's a freezing 12° here in Trenton, Michigan."

Do you think a celebration party when your loved one dies is a good idea? How do you feel about Jax and Brittany right now? Do you believe their hardships will cement their relationship? Leave your comments in the box below.