Brittany Cartwright and jax taylor have been through a lot recently. Jax admitted to cheating on Brittany with Faith Stowers and she is still with him. E! Online shared that Brittany is actually admitting that she never thought she would stay with Jax after cheating, but she did it anyway. These two are together and pushing through it somehow.

What did Brittany have to say?

Brittany Cartwright shared that things are really good between them right now. She said, "Jax has actually made huge changes and you'll see him working on things throughout the season.

Right now, he's so much better. I feel like we're so much better than we've been in a long time." You have to remember that these episodes of "Vanderpump Rules" were filmed about six months ago.Through this season the fans are going to get to see Jax make some changes and that may change how they feel about him.

Even though we are just now seeing it, Brittany and Jax have already been through all of this months ago. They have had time to work on their relationship. Brittany did go on to admit that she never thought she would stay with Jax over what happened. He cheated on her with Faith, but only one time.

Brittany Cartwright went on to explain that even though she hates Jax for what he did to her then he can't make it where she doesn't love him anymore.

It sounds like they have been able to work through everything and things are even better than before. She admits that finding out that you get cheated on does make your trust go away. She said she tries not to think about what happened with Jax and Faith, but of course, that is hard. Brittany was probably able to move on for a while but now that the show is airing and everyone is seeing it that can't be easy.

The questions have been going on non-stop since the world found out that Jax really did cheat on her.

So what does Lisa Vanderpump think about it all?

Brittany Cartwright even shared what Lisa Vanderpump thinks about it all. Lisa has always made it clear that she is a big fan of Brittany. Cartwright explained that Lisa just doesn't think that Jax is good enough for her.

She actually said that Lisa thinks she should have left Jax.

Are you surprised to hear that Brittany Cartwright stayed with Jax Taylor? Do you think that this was the right decision? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Vanderpump Rules" when they air on Monday nights on Bravo. You do not want to miss the drama this season.