'Vanderpump Rules' jax taylor is getting into the Christmas spirit with Brittany Cartwright and some of her family. On Christmas Eve he posted a hilarious photo of himself wearing a Christmas Elf outfit on his Twitter account.

Jax clowned around for the camera, spreading his elf skirt and obviously having a lot of fun. Fan reaction to Jax Taylor was mostly in the spirit of Christmas - kind and a little bit teasing. There were almost no haters for once, to ruin the festive feeling of Jax Tayor's tweet.

He added more, that made everyone giggle.

Jax is a big and hunky guy and he looked so funny.

Jax Tayor fan reaction

Some of the reactions were very sweet, but almost everyone agreed that dressing up as an Elf was adorable.

"Awww, yall look cute," tweeted South Dallas Foodie. "B really has domesticated you," said another.

Another user tweeted, "Adorable! Major respect for stepping up with the party clothes! lol."

An appreciative user tweeted, "Omg!! You guys are so cute Merry Christmas to you all" It seems like Jax Taylor brought a smile to lots of faces this Christmas Eve by wearing his hilarious Elf outfit.

Some fans felt that Brittany sure had a man who was showing his love for her, given that he actually wore the outfit.

Hold onto Brittany, Jax said one tweeter

The teasing continued with user Mark posting, "Brittany, you need to hold onto @mrjaxtaylor because that’s a man who shows his dedication by wearing that s*xy elf costume!

Wish you both the best! #elf #cuteasfck"

Meanwhile, user Emerson sent their best wishes by posting, "Awww Hi BEAUTIFUL family.. Have a fun and merry Christmas.. Love ya family."

There were one or two haters as usual, but it's Christmas and there's no room for hate.

Some people did mention the Faith Stowers scandal in a nice kind of way, showing their happiness that love seems to be winning out for the 'Vanderpump Rules' couple.

'Vanderpump Rules' fans know that about a year ago there was the big drama with Faith Stowers letting half the world know that Jax had cheated on Brittany with her. There was a lot of speculation that Faith just did it for a bigger storyline on the show, which meant more money for her.

Jax Taylor and Brittany work hard at their relationship

But Brittany and Jax have been working hard to move on from that and are both putting a lot of effort into making things right between them again.

Certainly, judging by Jax Taylor playing around and having Christmas fun in his Elf outfit, inside what is obviously a loving environment, it seems to show that love really is winning out for this cute couple.

Watch a video about it here