After four years of fans re-watching the nine seasons of NBC's "the office" on Netflix, people are seeing a shimmer of hope. Several reports have surfaced showing that NBC could possibly be bringing back the show. Rumors of the reboot surfaced about three weeks ago. After NBC saw success with the reboot of "Will and Grace" it makes perfect sense for the network to bring back "The Office." NBC has tried to recreate the show multiple times with shows like Superstore. "The Office" was a hit show, as its 201 episodes piled up numerous awards throughout the years.

There will not be another Michael Scott

The show brought actors like Jenna Fischer and Jon Krasinski into Hollywood's spotlight. Steve Carell played the memorable manager, Michael Scott. Carell left the show at the end of the show's seventh season and the show's ratings slowly began to decline. So the real question is, will Michael Scott be the manager if the show returns? The answer is a definite no. Carell has stated numerous times that he will not be returning to reprise the role of Michael Scott full time. He did make an appearance in the show's series finale. What is left to wonder is, who will actually be returning to the show if it does, in fact, get the reboot?

Returning to the 9-5

Although Steve Carell will not be returning, there is a good possibility you will see many of your favorite characters back in the office.

Jenna Fischer has stated that she would be open to returning to the cast if the reboot was finalized. This comes as no surprise, Fischer seems to love to reminisce about the show on her twitter feed. Angela Kinsey, the actor that played Angela, said back in October that she would love to play her cat-loving character again.

The other actor that has said they were open to returning was Rainn Wilson. “I’m up for it if the timing is right, and the schedule is right and it’s a funny idea,” says Wilson. “I don’t want to just keep doing more office episodes so it would have to be something really cool,” Wilson said in an interview with CBS10.

So as of now, we would see Pam, Angela, and Dwight back in the series.

Jon Krasinski has not spoken about returning for the show, but based on his current projects like "Jack Ryan" and "Quiet Place," he will most likely not be returning to do "The Office" anytime soon. Other characters like Oscar, Kevin, Meredith, and Stanley have not responded to the rumors yet. There is no timetable for the return but NBC executives have been kicking the idea around. All that we can hope for is that "The Office" does return.