The new movie featuring award-winning actor Will Smith titled "Bright" carried a lot of controversy with it before anyone were even able to check it out for themselves. I heard about the exciting new movie from friends as they debated among one another about whether the film itself was appropriate or not based off of the trailer for it that was aired earlier in 2017. After hearing about their views on it, I decided to check it out for myself and see what all the hype was about before giving my opinion on it.

Was 'Bright' too controversial or just way too good?

This new movie reminded me or a mixture of "Lord of the Rings," "Harry Potter," "Fruitvale Station" and "Crash" all mixed into one movie. How the writers of this one were able to make a stand on racial tensions among police brutality and regular civilians from a different perspective while mixing in magic wands and fairies is above my head, but I can honestly say it worked out well for this one. At the beginning of the movie, I learned that these people who were called orcs were treated like the minority more than anyone. The police during the film were extremely mean towards them and displayed a lot of varying discrimination from illegal shooting targets, to unnecessary uses of force illegally.

These orcs were not full human beings though; they seemed to be from another planet of some sort, similar to an ogre from the animated movie "Shrek."

Due to their appearance, they were rarely treated with respect and seemed to be stereotyped as thugs and gangsters, highly similar to how some police of the United States and other parts of the world have treated people of color, specifically men of color.

Along with orcs, there were fairies as well. The fairies took the place of what we would see as aggravating insects like flies and mosquitoes during the summertime. Very aggressive creatures I must say. Added on to the orcs and fairies would be these other magic creatures called brights which is where the movie title comes from.

They have the ability to produce high powered magic with magic wands granted only for them. The crazy thing about the Brights though is that they were highly valuable to the police force for those same magical wands, so they ended up taking just as much heat from law enforcement as the orcs.

I would highly recommend watching 'Bright' in 2018

What is wild is that it seems like this sort of magic was normal while living in the United States during this particular time of the film.

No one saw it as strange. No one questioned what stuff truly was going on around them. It is like everyone all existed with one another the best that they could. Will Smith starred as a cop who had a partner who was an orc himself.

This caused a lot of tension for Smith throughout the movie as orcs in law enforcement were looked down upon, very similar to how an African American male serving in law enforcement would be looked down upon by some who just don't agree with how police of today's society have handled certain situations around this country within the last 5-10 years. Overall I would say that this movie was really good. To me, it was entertaining, right along with informative. I highly recommend it!