"The Quad" is back! This Television Series from BET has been hot since it began! Starring Anika Noni Rose, "The Quad" is centered around college life at Georgia Agricultural and Mechanical University (GAMU) in Atlanta, Georgia. Season one highlighted a variety of different issues around campus and some off campus but left us with more questions than answers towards the end of the season. The next upcoming season should clear a few things up that happened.

Check out the season premiere on Twitter below

Twitter showed the season premiere to give us a taste for season 2.

The talented cast

Each episode from season one was filled with more and more drama. From sexual assaults to full blown assaults, deceit, adultery and even murders, season two should be very promising. Actress Anika Noni Rose stars as Dr. Eva Fletcher, the president of GAMU. From what I watched in this series, it began when Dr. Fletcher first accepted a job offer to become the president of the university.

It did not seem like a welcome arrival for her though, with upfront accusations of her sleeping with one of the students attending the last school she was the president of as well while married.

The current freshman class is the main focus of everything going on, along with Dr. Fletcher's own personal problems as well. Peyton Alex Smith stars as Cedric Hobbs in the series. He is face with a major problem when he ends up arrested for the murder of his girlfriend during a surprise visit from her from Chicago, Illinois.

He is faced with mourning the loss of the love of his life while trying to clear his name of a crime he did not commit, all while trying to obtain an education. Jazz Raycole stars as Sydney Fletcher during the series. She is the daughter of Dr. Eva Fletcher, the president of the University. Her character seems to be a bit rude.

She does not really make the most friends instantly and is seen as wild during parties and social outings around campus.

The biggest significant thing about her is that she ends up the victim of a recorded sexual assault after attending a party on campus. Things ended up a nightmare once she accused a popular football player of the tragic incident. She ended up taking things into her own hands with the help of other women on-campus with the same experiences.

Towards the end of season one, this incident began to grow even more, leading to a very prestigious banquet filled with top faculty and university administrators being interrupted by an on-campus protest about the continuously ignored sexual assault cases floating around the university.

Mark your calendars

"The Quad's" second season will jump start sooner than everyone expected. Be sure to mark your calendars for Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at 10/9 pm central standard time. From the previews I have seen, I believe this second season will be filled with more drama and mess than the first one. It's a guaranteed great show to check out overall.