"General Hospital" spoilers indicate Port Charles is unaware that Peter August is a dangerous man. He is believed to be Faison's other son and also the man who held Jason captive in Russia. Although he looks like a mild-mannered reporter, so to speak, Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates he may be about to cause some serious problems for his Aurora bosses, Drew and Sam. On Tuesday (Jan. 23), Anna tried to get the newspaper executive to lend a hand in setting a trap for Faison, but he turned her down flat. She was perplexed and seemed to pick up that something is not quite right.

Along with Spinelli, Sonny and Jason are on her radar, and she may uncover some ugly truths about him. One is that he wants to kill his own father.

Peter August is keeping secrets

Peter asked Lulu to write an article on Faison and she exposed to the world that the madman is Nathan's biological dad. She has no idea that her immediate superior might be Nathan's half-brother. Obrecht confirmed that her maniac former lover indeed has another son, but no one suspects that he is Mr. August. Sonny and Spinelli believe Faison's son is the traitor who refused to kill Jason. Sam has no idea her trusted employee may have played a part in the mystery surrounding Drew.

Peter August has been allowed into the lives of prominent Port Charles residents and they have no idea who he is.

Spoilers say that early on he wanted to be just like his dear old dad, but Faison rejected his son. Now the seed of his loins has revenge on his mind. Son No. 2 did not even bat an eyelash when he found out that Nathan was his half-sibling. He shows not even the slightest sign of recognition whenever his father's name is mentioned.

This is a man who knows how to play it cool and hide his secrets.

Faison may have the ultimate revenge

On Monday (Jan. 22), Faison was on the loose, having returned to Port Charles and kidnapped Liesl. On Tuesday, Lulu told Peter that the maniac was most likely at Windemere and that she could find him. When she arrived, she found instead Obrecht, who was tied up in a stable.

Before Lulu could release her, Faison showed up and began ranting about his current situation.

Spoilers do not give details about what to expect, but somehow Sam and Drew may end up in danger, and Peter is going to seek revenge on his father. Faison is crafty and always thinking ahead, so he might outwit both sonsm as well as Anna, Spinelli, Sonny, and Jason. As long as Cesar has LuLu and Obrecht, he has the upper hand. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on ABC.