Spoiler alerts promise that Thursday's episode of "General Hospital" will be a can't-miss, action-packed hour. Faison must finally face the music as well as the truth about his beloved Anna Devane. According to Soap Hub, this will be a very suspenseful, heart-stopping hour in Port Charles and might be Cesar's swan song. At the end of the show on Wednesday, the crazed madman was holding Finn hostage when Ms. Devane showed up. He looked rattled to finally come Face To Face with the woman that he has been obsessed with for decades. Now, their worlds will collide once more and this time may possibly be the final showdown.

Faison wreaks havoc in Port Charles

On Monday's episode of "General Hospital," Faison kidnapped Liesl Obrecht, and, on Tuesday, he added Lulu to his collection. On Wednesday he left them to die at Windemere once Liesl told him that Anna had a new man in her life. He continued wreaking havoc in Port Charles by going straight to her home, where he encountered Finn instead. The doctor taunted the crazed madman -- who eventually got the upper-hand, but spoilers suggest that the tables will be turned on him.

When Anna arrived with a gun drawn Faison had Finn chained to the banister, and Soap Hub says that on Thursday they are going to face-off. Ms. Devane will make it absolutely clear that she wants nothing to do with Cesar, and, if true to form, he will go absolutely ballistic.

He has imagined this wonderful day where the woman he loves admits that she cares for him as well. Now, faced with the awful truth, he will not be able to handle it.

This may be the final showdown for Faison

Spoilers tease that Finn is going to thank Anna and suggests that this indicates that she overpowers Faison. Ms. Devane has so much anger and rage towards this man that she could snap and actually kill him.

An incentive could be the fact that she has fallen in love with Finn. One way or another, if Soap Hub is correct, the deranged one may be going down. If he dies, however, there will be Port Charles residents that will never get the answers they desire.

Jason and Drew need the truth about why their lives and their memories were tampered with and Peter August has not yet had his encounter with his father.

There is also the fact that Nathan has not yet come face to face with his real dad. Viewers know that Cesar will not be in Port Charles long term so whatever happens Thursday, be it prison or death, Faison is headed to his final showdown. Be sure not to miss an episode of "General Hospital" by watching weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on CBS.