Miley Cyrus put on a daring fashion show when she appeared on "Late Night With Stephen Colbert" Thursday. The 25-year-old pop sensation wore a pair of pants that had a high split in them just above the thigh. According to Daily Mail, the singer didn't have any underwear on.

Daring outfit turns heads

Two Instagram posts show Miley strutting her stuff during the "Late Night" appearance. She's gearing up to perform at the Grammy Awards on Sunday with Elton John. Her outfit paid homage to the legendary singer by wearing a black leather coat that had his image on the back and wore heels that read "Elton John" on both.

Cyrus also wore a black cab-driver hat.

Miley Cyrus' split pants were getting a lot of attention as she walked around the stage before taping the "Late Show," Daily Mail writes. Apparently, the design of the pants did very little to cover her "intimate area." What mostly could be seen in the images that the site posted was her legs and nothing too revealing. The style definitely gave a hint of the "Malibu" singer going commando, but one would have to look pretty hard!

Return from Australia

The pants also had a split on the lower leg and seemed like the perfect thing a performer like Miley would wear. She just returned from a vacation in Australia in which she was photographed wearing bikinis almost every day while on the beach with her fiance, Liam Hemsworth.

Rumors went wild that the couple married during their time in Byron Bay -- where they first got engaged in 2013 -- but, it was revealed that they didn't actually get married.

No wedding yet

Liam's brother, Chris Hemsworth, got tongues wagging when he said they weren't "officially" married. It somehow implied to many that Cyrus and Hemsworth secretly made their engagement more than it was.

It turned out they didn't actually get married and definitely weren't on a honeymoon.

Miley's style for the Grammy Awards

It'll be interesting to see what Miley and Elton John have planned for the Grammys on Sunday. Miley is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to her on-stage antics and particular sense of style. Whatever she decides to wear, it'll certainly have people talking.

The pairing of her and Elton seems like an unlikely combination, but it might be the most entertaining act of the evening for the awards show!

Watch Miley Cyrus at the Grammy Awards when it airs this Sunday live from Madison Square Garden on CBS at 4:30 PM.