Pop star Justin Timberlake is currently in negotiations to become the Super Bowl 2018 halftime show performer. Timberlake is known for his previous boy band, solo career, acting chops, and of course, a controversial halftime show that occurred years ago when he joined singer Janet Jackson on stage. Here are the latest details about Justin Timberlake and what may be on the way for Super Bowl LII next year.

What's the deal?

According to ESPN and other sources, Justin Timberlake and his "people" are finalizing a deal that would make him 2018's Super Bowl halftime show main act.

The big game is slated for February 4th, 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. If Timberlake is officially signed, it would mark his return to the halftime show stage. He was a part of pop/R&B star Janet Jackson's show in 2004 where a "wardrobe mishap" occurred. During the performance, Timberlake was supposed to rip part of Jackson's top off to reveal a skimpier outfit, but it ended up exposing one of her breasts.

Timberlake is 36-years-old and known for his being a part of the pop boy band NSYNC in the 90s. He later branched off onto his own solo career which spawned hits including "Rock Your Body," "Cry Me a River" and more recently the song "Can't Stop The Feeling" from the "Trolls" motion picture soundtrack.

In addition, he's appeared in movies including "The Social Network" and hosted or had cameo appearances on "Saturday Night Live."

Next Super Bowl performer?

It appears that Justin Timberlake is probably distanced enough from the 2004 incident with Janet Jackson by now. He's had numerous hits that will allow him to perform quite a catalog on stage.

In particular, "Can't Stop The Feeling" became a smash hit over the past year. The song reached success as it hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts in the United States, Canada, Germany, and Switzerland. Other No. 1 hits by Timberlake have included "SexyBack," "My Love," and "What Goes Around… Comes Around."

Timberlake would become the latest in a list of pop star performers that have included Lady Gaga last year, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, and Katy Perry.

Based on the types of performances that Timberlake has put on for his various concerts, at awards shows, and his creative nature, one would have to think he'll make for a great Super Bowl halftime performer in 2018.

Sports fans, what do you think of Justin Timberlake as the Super Bowl LII halftime show performer? Is there another singer or band you'd prefer to see on stage?