If you have been following the TLC Reality Television Series “Sister Wives” then you would know that Meri Brown, back in 2014, actually divorced her husband Kody Brown so he could legally make Robyn his wife. Meri still remains in the family, and after the divorce, it is known that Meri got catfished online as she thought she fell in love with a man she met online who actually turned out to be a woman called Jackie Overturn. Their online relationship apparently lasted for around six months before Meri found out that it was Jackie behind the fake profile.

Well, now there is a rumor going around that Meri has reportedly left the whole family altogether.

What makes people online think that Meri Brown split from the entire Brown family?

The main reason why people think that Meri Brown is leaving the entire Brown family is because of something that she posted on her Twitter account. The post reads: “THERE COMES A POINT WHEN YOU HAVE TO REALIZE THAT YOU’LL NEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH FOR SOME PEOPLE. THE QUESTION IS, IS THAT YOUR PROBLEM OR THEIRS?”

With Meri’s obviously strained relationship with the family, it has many people thinking that she posted this to show that she is ready to leave them altogether. Another bit of information that has some fans thinking that she is leaving the Brown family would be that she opened her own B&B in Utah while the rest of the family is living in Vegas.

This could mean that she is getting ready to leave as she has just successfully launched a business and she may want to move closer to it. I have attached Meri’s actual tweet below so you can see with your own eyes that she may be leaving the family.

What are the rest of the Brown family up to now?

The new very anticipated season of ”Sister Wives” just recently aired its new season and it is full of drama.

An example of what is in this new drama-filled instalment of the series would be getting to see the Brown family return to Utah to march in a protest for the legalization of polygamy relationships. You can also follow Janelle Brown’s weight loss in this new season, as she has been constantly updating us on social media about her new healthy lifestyle.

If you want to keep up with everything the Brown family is doing, then you can watch their TLC reality television series “Sister Wives” and you can also follow them on social media as well. It is worth mentioning that all of the wives are still in business together as they have their own jewelry store online.