Legendary Game Show Host Bob Barker is not doing following his last in mid-June according to Radar Online reports. The former "Price is Right" host took a bad fall a couple of weeks ago hitting his head and despite seeking immediate medical treatment friends believe the 93-year-old is "fading fast."

A source close to Barker's situation spoke with RO reporters stating, “He’s been getting more and more frail, and there's a lot of concern that one of these days he'll take a fall that's deadly or suffer a stroke and that will be the end.” The source also revealed that they are very worried that Bob may only have weeks left to live.

The informant claims that family and friends had originally believed that Bob Barker would make it to his 100th birthday, but, now claim that they believe it is highly unlikely in his current condition. Barker's health reports appear to have changed drastically over the past several days.

Reports released by Barker's rep just days after his fall originally stated that Bob was doing "fine" after suffering a serious fall in the bathroom of his home in mid-June. The tumble was said to have left the 93-year-old former "Price is Right" host with a nasty bump on the back of hs head.

Bob Barker remains one of Daytime TV's most respected and beloved hosts

Following the fall Barker felt it would be wise to go to the hospital to check things out Bob was driven to Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles by his housekeeper.

Barker's rep reveals that Bob underwent some minor testing, and was in and out of the hospital in just a few hours. His rep added that Bob is home, and only suffered minor discomfort for a few days following the fall and continues to feel better each day that passes.

Barker continues to remind fans importance of animal rights

In 2015, Bob Barker suffered a similar fall, leaving him with a gash on his forehead and bruises on his legs and knees. Friends close to Barker are growing very concerned for the elderly celeb. Falls for the elderly in particular can have dangerous consequences such as a subdural hematoma (bleeding on the brain.) Subdural hematomas can occur up to six months later following a fall and can be particularly common in older people.

In 2014, actress Ann B. Davis, best known as that lovable housekeeper, Alice on the 70's hit comedy sitcom the "Brady Bunch" died at the age of 88 from a subdural hematoma.Davis died in a San Antonia hospital after suffering a fall earlier in the day in the bathroom of her home. Davis' death came as a shock to her closest friends, who described Ann as being in excellent health for a woman of her age.

Pals close to Bob Barker are said to be very concerned for the 93-year-old, they are worried should he experience another fall, the beloved game show host may not be quite as fortunate the next time around. Bob Parker is best known by American television viewers as the host of one of the most popular and longest running TV games shows "The Price Is Right." Barker began hosting the CBS daytime game show in 1972 and continued until 2007 retiring as host just after celebrating his 50th anniversary on television.

"The Price is Right" which still airs daily and is now hosted by Drew Carey is listed as the fifth longest-running daytime television shows to date. Coming in behinds NBC's "Today" and following television's long-running daytime soaps "Days of Our Lives," "As the World Turns" and "General Hospital."

Besides his long-running daytime career, Bob Barker is well known for his love of animals.A dedicated advocate for animal rights Barker is a longtime supporter of the United Activists for Animal Rights. We wish Bob Barker well and hope that Bob is taking things slow and easy, no need risking another tumble anytime soon.