derick dillard has been quite vocal with his views in recent months. In fact, he got himself fired from “Counting On” and removed from the relationship with TLC. This is sad for fans who enjoyed watching Jill Duggar and her husband with their children. All of this stems from Dillard tweeting about another TLC star. He didn't stop at one comment, he kept going until the network had to break ties. While Derick claims he wasn't fired, very few actually believe that claim.

'Counting On' returns without the Dillards

February 26 is when the new season of “Counting On” will begin.

There is plenty for fans to catch up on including pregnancies, courtships, and changes. Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar will not be filmed at all. They will be the new Josh and Anna Duggar, removed from everything the family does. Fans have been vocal about their disappointment in Dillard's actions. He is set in his ways, and there was nothing going to stop him from saying what he thought and spreading what the Bible says. Unfortunately, he is not actively working, so their money from “Counting On” has been supporting them. This is cause for concern for the couple who share two young sons.

The whole situation stems from Derick Dillard and his comments bashing transgenders. He specifically attacked TLC star Jazz Jennings who has a show on the network, “ I Am Jazz,” which chronicles her struggle with being born male but identifying as a female.

It was a big deal because she is still a child, and he is an adult. Dillard also took a swipe at TLC for allowing the show to air, and they responded by cutting ties. Although he claims it was his decision to walk away, that doesn't make sense. Derick has become a liability for the Duggar family and had he cost them their show, who knows what would have happened.

Derick makes assumptions

According to In Touch Weekly, Derick Dillard commented that most Americans share his views. This has ignited a fire on social media. While many Duggar fans may feel similarly, there are also several who don't. Dillard is pushing an agenda, one that isn't going to get him far. Assumptions aren't good to put out there, especially on a topic as sensitive as this.

Jill Duggar has remained silent on her husband's comments and the fallout. This latest stunt is definitely getting a lot of attention, and not in a positive way. It is sad that their family will no longer be featured on "Counting On," especially because it is clear he hasn't learned.