derick dillard is controversial. He is not sorry for his beliefs or rants against fellow network stars. Dillard and his wife, Jill Duggar will no longer be appearing on “Counting On.” This has disappointed some of the viewers. Fans have always believed that the Duggar Family would be bigger than the issues they face. After the Josh Duggar scandal in 2015, things haven't been the same. Now, Jill's husband has caused another public relations nightmare.

TLC publicly cuts ties with Derick Dillard

It has been a few weeks since TLC publicly released a statement detailing they had cut ties with Derick Dillard.

This happened after the former “Counting On” star attacked fellow TLC star, Jazz Jennings. His beliefs don't coincide with the way Jennings is living her life. Dillard decided to slam the network at the teenage girl in a Twitter rant without considering the consequences. Now, he is out of a job and has to be editing out of family events when filming for the show. Essentially, he is the updated version of Josh Duggar.

There has been some concern about how Jill Duggar is affected by the situation. Derick Dillard is the mouthpiece for the couple, and his wife remains in the background. Fans have mixed reactions to what happened, especially because this is another couple that will no longer partake in family events.

It is highly likely that the Dillards will have more children and now, the pregnancy will have to be documented through social media alone.

He wasn't fired, he quit

The latest news from Derick Dillard is that he quit “Counting On.” According to the Hollywood Gossip, the reality star insists he decided to cut ties with the reality and TLC because his family was going in a different direction.

This comes after he has been highly criticized for not working and solely living off the money Jill Duggar earns from her role on the show. Other issues have been raised since then, including their use of GoFundMe money that had been given to them from donations. They asked for money to help with their missionary work, but some fans believe it has been used for other things.

At this point, fans are inclined to believe the network over Derick Dillard. It has been several weeks since it was announced they cut ties, but a statement from him only comes after critics have called him out. Whether or not the decision to exit “Counting On” was made by TLC or Derick makes no difference, it is what it is.