"Days of our Lives" spoilers finally reveal the mystery murder victim this week, and the latest weekly promo has divulged to fans exactly which character will be killed off. Many "DOOL" fans were shocked to learn that Andre DiMera will be the unlucky Salem resident who loses his life this week, and fans want to know why. While Andre certainly has a lot of enemies, which one of them could have been courageous enough actually kill him is what begs the question.

Andre DiMera is revealed as the murder victim this week

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" news and spoilers, Abigail Deveraux-DiMera (Marci Miller) will be the unfortunate person who finds Andre DiMera's dead body.

Judging from the latest "DOOL" weekly promo, Abigail will seemingly find Andre dead on the floor, bleeding, in his office at DiMera Enterprises. Does the location of his dead body lead to clues about who may have murdered him? Perhaps Vivian, Stefan, or even his own brother, Chad DiMera, could have taken his life.

Could Vivian be the murderer?

Vivian seems like the most likely suspect to have killed Andre. As many "Days Of Our Lives" fans know, Vivian and Andre have been secretly working together behind the backs of Chad, Abigail, and Kate. Andre and Vivian have some agenda in mind, but what Andre doesn't know is that Vivian and Stefan are actually double-crossing him. This makes things very interesting in the murder investigation.

If the Salem police find out about Andre and Vivian's alliance, it may be a big red flag. Meanwhile, Stefan is also another major suspect. He knows that Andre and his mother are working together, but he may want him out of the way sooner rather than later.

Even Chad is a suspect!

The most shocking suspect will likely be Andre's own brother, Chad DiMera.

It seems that "Days of our Lives" viewers may see Chad find out that Andre has been deceiving him by working with Vivian and Stefan. If Chad finds out, the two brothers could have a major face-off, which may lead to Andre's untimely death. However, some fans believe that Andre's twin brother, the presumed dead Tony DiMera, may actually be to blame.

If Tony does return to Salem it will be a big storyline to kick off 2018. Tony's beloved wife, Anna DiMera, is also back in town canoodling with Roman Brady, which could be a clue that Tony is on his way back to town to stir up some big drama.

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