"Celebrity Big Brother US" premieres on Wednesday, February 7, on CBS. It has been a mystery who would appear on the reality show, that is until now. An alleged CBS insider revealed six names that will appear on the CBS TV show in February. In the newest promo, "Big Brother" host, Julie Chen, revealed that the cast of "CBBUS" would include actors, athletes, and everything in between. The six names released on Twitter, definitely count as "everything in between." A report by website Inside The BB House presented a lot of the information used in this article.

The six names rumored

Tiffany "New York" Pollard could appear on the CBS Reality Tv Show. Pollard was one of the first celebrities to confirm and agree to appear on the show. In fact, ever since CBS announced they would air a celebrity version of "Big Brother," the "BB" fans assumed New York would join the cast. She will bring drama and keep the show interesting.

Gigi Gorgeous, a YouTube sensation, could be the next person to join.

She made headlines after she came out as transgender on her YouTube channel. She should add to the drama in the house.

Johnny Bananas is the third person who could enter the house.

He is best known for being a fan favorite on MTV's "The Challenge." Recently, he allegedly hooked up with "BB18" Natalie Negrotti. However, there have been rumors that his romance with Natalie is fake.

Brody Jenner is the fourth person who could join the cast.

He is best known as the son of Caitlyn Jenner. It will be interesting to see how he handles the other celebrity personalities in the house.

Beth Chapman is the fifth name released. She is Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman's wife. They had a successful television show for years. Most recently, she battled throat cancer.

Matt Iseman was the last name released.

He won the "New Celebrity Apprentice" last year. He is the host of "Ninja Warrior." He is interesting and full of energy.

Sign up for live feeds

Like the summer edition of "Big Brother," there will be 24/7 live feeds. You can grab a front row seat to all the drama in the house, 24 hours a day. The reality TV show will be a condensed season, only airing for 18 days.

Instead of 18 houseguests, Julie Chen said they would just have 10 houseguests.

Chen promised the fans that just because the season will be short, it won't lack in drama. They will likely have two evictions per week, and the show will air almost every night.

Cast announced during Grammy Awards

The "Big Brother" cast might be announced during the 2018 Grammy Awards ceremony. It isn't clear whether CBS plans to disclose the whole cast, as they usually withhold one or two cast members for a surprise for the viewers on premiere night. To possibly find out the "CBBUS" cast, tune in to the Grammy Awards on January 28.

Are you excited to see any of the six listed above compete on the show?

"Celebrity Big Brother" premieres Wednesday, February 7, on CBS.