"Big Brother 19" kicked off on Wednesday, June 28 with a two-hour premiere episode. As CBS promised, the episode was exciting and unlike any previous season so far. During episode one, the 16 houseguests (HG) got to know each other. Right away, Julie Chen announces that the players will be tempted with three temptations --- $25K up for grabs, a former player may return, and someone could face eviction.

Houseguests move in

The houseguests move in and start scheming to form alliances and determine who they trust in the game. On top of the normal stress of playing "Big Brother," the players learn that they will be tempted by money, safety, and power, not only on the premiere episode but all season long.

First twist of the season – a money grab

According to Big Brother Network, Julie sends the houseguests outside for their first temptation. She asks each of the players to sit in a pod and reveals whoever hits the buzzer first, wins $25,000.

Julie adds that the houseguest that presses the buzzer will not have to leave the game, nor will anyone know they pressed the button. However, there will be a personal and game consequence for accepting the money.

Kevin didn't waste any time and hit the button to claim the money. His punishment is he cannot win the first head of household competition and so he has to throw it.

The second consequence affected everyone in the game. Paul Abrahamian, from "BB18," will enter the house as the 17th player.

Temptation twist: Friendship

Julie reveals that Paul isn't the 17th houseguest – he will be replacing one of them. Apparently, it is the first-ever "Big Brother" houseguest swap out.

CBS gives Paul a box containing nine friendship bracelets.

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Julie explains that Paul has to keep one bracelet for himself and give one to eight people that he wants to keep safe for the night.

Everyone campaigns to Paul to sway him to provide them with a bracelet.

In the end, he chooses Kevin, Raven, Dominique, Mark, Jason, Jessica, Ramses, and Elena. The other eight HG have to compete for safety.


Julie tells the eight HG that they have to fight for safety in the game. They would have to balance on a swing by holding on to a set of ropes. If they fall, then they will have to select a fruit. Of the fruits, five apples will keep them safe, and three are poisoned which will land them on the block.

Cody ends up winning the challenge after staying on the swing for over an hour. Alex, Josh, Matthew, and Megan are all safe. Christmas, Cameron, and Jillian get the poisoned apples which mean they are on the block.

Temptation of Power

"Big Brother" tempts the houseguests one more time by telling the three players on the block that they can either compete in a third competition or let the house vote to decide who will go home. Jillian and Christmas want the house to vote, and Cameron votes for another competition.

Eviction time

The "BB19" houseguests vote, and Cameron is sent home with an 8-3-2. Jillian came in second.

No exit interview?

"BB19" fans couldn't help but pick up that Julie didn't talk to Cameron after he was sent home after only 12 hours in the house. Many viewers voiced their opinion about it on social media and wanted to hear what he had to say.

"Big Brother 19" fans, did you like the premiere episode? Do you think it will be a good season?