Unlike YouTube shows where the creators have the discretion to continue or cut their own weekly programs, in the television business, the executives can decide to end a show in a split of a second. Tvseriesfinale noted some of the shows that would be canceled or renewed. Here is the list of shows CBS has canceled this season and how the casts and their fans reacted to the news.

Shows that saw their cancellation a mile away

"Kevin Can Wait" definitely had its cancellation coming a mile away after killing off one of their main characters, Donna Gable, played by Erinn Hayes.

This was in order to pursue a storyline similar to the Kevin James hit show from the 2000s, "The King of Queens." After Erinn's character was killed following the first season renewal, the ratings were mixed during the second season but it was canceled by CBS nonetheless.

"Kevin Can Wait" follows a retired police officer who tried different businesses to pass the time but eventually becomes a single father after her wife's demise. He has three children, two in school and one in college.

"Scorpion" was a geeky show about federal contractors who did dangerous jobs all over the world.

It was an all OK show and I only watched some of the seasons, but they used a lot of big complex words that may have turned off some viewers from watching it. It was also criticized by experts because some of the technicalities they used were incorrect, meaning some of the things they said would not work in real life.

It was kind of a letdown the show was canceled, as it did not have a proper ending.

Arguably the two main characters Walter O'Brien and Paige Dineen, played by Elyes Gabel and Katharine McPhee, broke up in the season four finale. Although it did not leave any cliffhangers, it is still not known what would happen next to team Scorpion after it broke up into two different companies.

CBS shows that were canceled without warning

"Superior Donuts" was a great show with diverse characters based on a play of the same name by Tracy Letts. It dealt with legalizing drugs, police brutality, racial stereotypes, and love. It had some casting changes as well. When they came back for their second season, Diane Guerrero joining the cast and Anna Baryshnikov took a break from the show.

According to Deadline, the show was the lowest rated returning CBS series. It is a shame because it actually talked about politics and the way lives are being affected by the current social issues like political correctness and social class issues, among others.

Among other shows that were canceled are "Code Black", "Living Biblically", and "Zoo".