The great news is here from the family from "Dog the Bounty Hunter." In Touch Weekly shared the news about how Beth and Duane Chapman have actually reunited with their son Leland. This is great news that after Beth is doing better. She has been through a battle with cancer, but not long ago shared the news with fans that she is cancer-free. She did admit that she is still coming to terms with the scars on her neck from the surgery because nothing like that was there before, not even wrinkles.

Beth shares the happy news

Yesterday Beth Chapman went to her Instagram account to share a picture along with the happy news.

The post was a picture of Dog with Leland along with the caption, "These two make me laugh! #dog #dogandbeth #alabama." She didn't go on to explain the details about them being back together, though. That is what the fans really want to hear. Hopefully, they have found a way to see each other more often.

They actually haven't posted a picture together since 2014. Beth and Dog Chapman live in Hawaii and Lendal is living on the mainland working as a bail agent. They just can't see each other often because of this huge distance between them. Leland is Dog’s son from his first marriage to La fonda Sue Honeycutt.Thes two don't get together very often, but it does sound like Leland's son is still living with Beth and Dog in Hawaii.

Fans go crazy over the news

The fans were going crazy on Beth Chapman's post over this news. They were talking about how much Leland looks like his dad. They also commented about how they hope that the family stays this way and continues to get along. The post now has over 16,000 likes. Everyone is also talking about how they watch the reruns of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" all the time and really hope that the show will come back once again.

The fans make it very clear they want the show back again.

Right now, there doesn't seem to be a reality show with Dog and Beth Chapman coming back on, but the fans would love to see it. They will just have to wait and see what ends up happening. The couple might be open to the idea and the fans would embrace any kind of show from these two.

Are you surprised to hear that Beth and Duane Chapman seem to have reunited with their son? Do you feel like these two will ever be back on reality television? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts. Hopefully, Beth Chapman will continue to update fans on how she is doing and how their family has been as well.