The CW premiered the series in 2012. It is based on the DC Comics character called Green Arrow/Oliver Queen. It is really difficult to portray a superhero/vigilante character. But the team arrow did an amazing job to create the magic. "Arrow" won everyone’s heart and received positive criticism. The writer/producers are Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg and it is filmed in Vancouver.

Oliver Queen is the main character in the series that was presumed dead for five years. He and his father were lost in the sea. He survived and made it to the nearest island called Lian Yu, but his father didn’t make it.

After five years in hell, he appeared in his city as a different man. He disguises himself in a hood and starts saving the city from corrupted men and criminals. Stephen Amell plays the role of Oliver Queen.

Below are five reasons you should not miss the journey of Oliver Queen as The Green Arrow.

Better archery

The Green Arrow shows some incredible archery throughout the show. He has pulled off some great shots. Even if we know a little about the whole archery thing, it seems quite impressive when the Arrow pulls off a shot!

Hand-to-hand combat

Though bow and arrow is his choice of weapon, he beats some really tough people in hand-to-hand combat. Stephen Amell himself is a martial artist. The show represents some great martial art activities.

The Arrow defeated great villains like Ra’s al Ghul in a hand-to-hand combat.

His no killing rule

The Arrow wants to make his city a better place to live. For doing that, he needs to kill a bunch of dangerous criminals and psychopath killers. But in the beginning of Season 2, he realizes that killing the criminals is making him another criminal.

So he decides not to kill. Instead of killing them, he used to help the police to lock them up.

Powerful enemies

The villains of "Arrow" are incredibly powerful and scary. Damien Dark, Malcolm Merlyn, Ra’s al Ghul, Deathstroke, and Prometheus were the breathtaking villains of "Arrow." At some points of the show, some of them seemed really unstoppable.

Some of them had their own personal vendetta against Oliver.

Team player

Arrow has a team. His team has another archer, a hacker, Black Canary, and John Diggle. Team Arrow is really supportive and encouraging.

The series got positive reviews from the critics. A good vigilante story can help people to stand against crime. It tells us that one man can make a difference. The entire cast of "Arrow" does a great job and makes this series a very successful one. The DC universe is different in its own way. You need to watch this to understand.