“Dedication 6” was released on Christmas day last year. It’s been about a week since it was released and the project is still making its rounds in many fans playlists. Wayne remixed the best of the best records that got released last year. From Post Malone’s No. 1 hit “Rockstar” to Lil Uzi’s Top 10 hit “XO Life Tour” Every single track on “Dedication 6” was great because we got see Wayne blend his style successfully into the sound of the new generation of rappers. He went further to solidify his status as the father of this generation, undeniably.

Here are five tracks that stood out from the project:

‘Xo tour life featuring baby e’

This track, originally by Lil Uzi Vert was a smash hit when it was released. A blend of melody and ubiquitous rap. When Lil Wayne remixes it, he approaches it as he knows best. Wayne explores the beat in a sophisticated way. He opts for a complex rhythm and does the beat justice. This is probably the best track on the project. It proves that Wayne can overcome whatever challenges come in the industry and does it perfectly. If I didn’t know, I would say the track was Wayne’s initially.

‘Everyday we sick'

“Everyday we sick” originally by YFN Lucci finds Wayne rapping comfortably to a sound that most of his peers would find hard to pull off.

Being Wayne, he delivers an outstanding performance. Much of this credited to his earlier experimentation with melodies on “Rebirth”. No wonder he is acknowledged for this new sound in rap.

‘Fly away’

A remix to Kendrick Lamar’s “DNA” sees Wayne go head to head with the beat that solidified Kendrick as the best rapper alive last year.

When Kendrick was new to the industry, he remixed some Wayne’s records and had acknowledged him as the greatest rapper on numerous occasions. Wayne’s wordplay on “Fly Away” is impressive. He also brings his crazy and epic metaphors on this record. Wayne comes from an era where bars was everything, and with this beat, he does nothing else but that.


Suwu” sounds like should have been on “Rebirth”. Originally a "6lack" song, Wayne kills the beat in ways "6lack" couldn’t. Wayne drenches his voice in auto-tune (the right way) and then does what he does best. His melodies and harmonies are on point. It’s tracks like this that certify Wayne as the father of artists like Young Thug, Lil Uzi, and Future.

‘Whats next featuring Zoey dollaz'

What’s Next” is a walk in the park for Wayne as he delivers a jaw-dropping verse. With lines like “it ain’t about the werewolf, its all about what the wolf wearing”, we get reminded of Wayne’s experienced and sharpened wordplay. To top it all, he features one of the most underrated MC of this generation who delivers a classic verse.

Even Wayne knew that he had to do a much better verse to top Zoey Dollaz verse.

As a fan, I fell in love with every single song on the project as they each speak a different language. At the moment Wayne is winning, he got a lucrative deal with “Bumbu Rum” and just dropped a classic mixtape. All we can do now is stay tuned for the next part of the (Carter 5 album, Sorry) “Dedication 6 “. By the sounds of it, it will be even better than the first part with songs like “Family Feud Remix” with Drake.

Which song is your favorite from the “Dedication 6”? Share your thoughts