Stephen Amell has hinted that season 6 of "Arrow" will be very focused on family. This is most likely because Oliver Queen's estranged son, William Clayton, is now aware that his father is the Green Arrow: Season 5 ended with Oliver saving his son from Prometheus (also known as Adrian Chase, played by Josh Segarra). Logically, fans will be expecting to see this realization addressed in the beginning of Season 6, which is set to premiere on October 12, 2017.

The Green Arrow As A Dad

There are many speculations about who the villains of "Arrow" will be now that Prometheus is dead, since of course, what is a superhero show without a villain?

However, there is another question to address: how will fans react to seeing Oliver Queen in a more fatherly role? Viewers have not really had a chance to see Oliver in a paternal role, mainly because he only just recently discovered that he even was a father.

In Season 4 of "Arrow," Oliver finds out that his mother paid Samantha Clayton (Oliver's girlfriend in 2007) to fake a miscarriage and move to Central City, cutting all ties with Oliver. Oliver met William on several instances once he discovered that William was his son, but attempted to stay clear of the boy in order to keep him safe. He even kept William a secret from his then-fiance, Felicity Smoak, which ended up being one of the major causes in their break-up.

However, Adrian Chase still managed to discover that William existed and used him against Oliver as Season 5 of "Arrow" drew to a close.

William's mother Samantha is now (presumably) dead, so naturally, it seems that Oliver would take his son in and give him a home with his only remaining family.

At London's Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in May, Stephen Amell was asked about how he thinks Oliver Queen will handle stepping fully into the role of William's father. Amell responded, "I think Oliver is more equipped for being a father than maybe he realizes.

I think -- I hope -- that he would do a really good job. That would certainly create an interesting dynamic."

William's Influence On The Green Arrow's Decisions

While it may create "an interesting dynamic," will fans be able to handle watching Oliver juggle his life as a father and as the Green Arrow? Will it be portrayed successfully? The Green Arrow is a vigilante who decides whether someone deserves to live or die, based on their actions.

With William's knowledge of his "other life," will Oliver be able to continue making those difficult calls? Or will William's presence influence him to become a more sensitive, cautious vigilante?

Perhaps they'll have the opposite effect, and the Green Arrow will become more ruthless than ever before. This is the question that many fans are left wondering about, and just another reason they look forward eagerly to the season premiere this fall.

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