Brandi Glanville has been quite active on Twitter in recent days as she continues to tweet about Gerard Butler's recent interview on "Watch What Happens Live." As viewers may have seen, the actor sat down with host Andy Cohen and fellow guest 50 Cent earlier this month to chat about his new movie. However, during the interview, as callers phoned in with questions, Butler was forced to face his past hookup with the former "Real Housewives of beverly hills" star.

Although Gerard Butler didn't seem to say anything mean about the ex-reality star, aside from mentioning that he didn't know her last name, Brandi Glanville slammed the actor for allegedly cringing about their time together and said she didn't understand why he was acting as if he had no idea who she was.

As he explained, however, he didn't know she was famous at the time of their hookup because she refused to tell him what she did for a living.

Is Brandi Glanville being too critical of Gerard Butler? Fans think so

After Brandi Glanville shared a slew of posts taking aim at Gerard Butler and later shared a full blog post slamming his behavior, a fan weighed in on the situation, pointing out that Butler hadn't been nearly as disrespectful as she was making him out to be. "[Gerard] actually handled it quite well saying you guys 'had fun' and not something much more derogatory," the person wrote. "You owe [him] an apology."

Although many agreed that the actor wasn't in the wrong, Glanville disagreed and noted that Butler had already apologized to her years ago after he denied knowing her when approached by TMZ.

As he explained on "Watch What Happens Live," he did so because he was unaware of Glanville's last name and didn't know that the TMZ people were referring to his past hookup. "Why act like you don’t know me now? Anyway, I stand by what I wrote," Brandi Glanville confirmed.

Brandi Glanville is newly single

Following several months of dating with Donald "DJ" Friese, the former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star has found herself single.

As her fans and followers on Twitter may have noticed, Glanville confirmed the breakup earlier this month and said that the "ho**" on Instagram could now have at her ex-boyfriend. She also claimed on Twitter that her relationship was destroyed by social media.

Brandi Glanville will be seen next on "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition," which is set for a March premiere.