After a lot of speculation, it has been confirmed that Izabella Tovar is getting a divorce from Jairo Rodriguez. She was on the show "16 And Pregnant." The fans aren't shocked by this news because they have been wondering for a while if these two were over. The show "16 and Pregnant" was around for a bit but only had ten girls total on the show during the time that it ran.

How did she reveal the news?

Izabella went to her Instagram and decided that it was time to clear the news to the fans. She knew that there was a lot of speculation they had split, so she finally decided to admit it to everyone.

She shared saying, "Jairo and I are separated and have been for a few months now. Unfortunately our marriage didn’t work out and we are getting divorced." She went on to explain the details and said that there are a lot of reasons that their marriage didn't work out, but she doesn't want to share them publicly just yet. It doesn't sound like she is going to do that either. After that, she went on to say, "I understand this is not a decision that everyone agrees with but this is my life and this is what happened. Thank you in advance for understanding."

The last picture that she shared with him was on Christmas Eve. No clue if they were together at that time or if they were just trying to show a united front over the holidays for their kids.

It does sound things have been over for a bit and also like there is a lot to this story that she isn't sharing just yet. Everyone is going to have to just speculate because Izabella isn't saying what is going on.

About this couple

Izabella and Jairo were on the show "16 and Pregnant" together during season three. She was only 15-years-old when she ended up getting pregnant with their first child together.

She had to hide her pregnancy from her Catholic school friends.They now have a son and a daughter together. The couple actually got married in 2016. A lot of the girls on this show never even ended up married to the father of their child, but it is sad that Izabella's story isn't going to get the happy ending she had hoped for and didn't happen.

Are you shocked to hear that Izabella Tovar and Jairo Rodriguez are getting a divorce? Did you think that these two would last? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new episodes of "Teen Mom OG" when they air on Monday nights on MTV. Sadly, it doesn't look like we will be seeing Izabella Tovar on television again.