Spoiler alerts say that Ashley and Victoria are going to square off on Tuesday on "The Young and the Restless." Because of Victor's manipulations, the two women will now both be working at Newman. Vicky had believed she was second in charge behind her father and has been in her ice queen mode since Newman bailed out Brash and Sassy. According to Soaps She Knows, Vicky will blow a gasket when she finds out that Ashley has left Jabot and will be overseeing what goes on at the company that Vicky built from the ground up. Things are going to get pretty tense and both women are going to lay it all on the line.

Victor sets up Ashley and Victoria

Last week the arbitrator named Jack as the CEO of Jabot, so Ashley quit in order to start her own company. As she was meeting with Devon hoping he would become an investor, her lawyer was telling Victor he might want to get in on the action. The Newman patriarch then solicited Nikki to help him seal the deal and they pitched their offer to Ms. Abbot over a meal. It's clear Victor is taking advantage of the situation in order to stick it to Jack and Ashley is playing right along.He has set these two women up and now will sit back and watch the fireworks.

Spoilers say on Tuesday everything hits the fan when Victoria and her former sister in law have a heated discussion.

Ashley will enjoy believing that she has one-upped the self-proclaimed heir apparent to the Newman throne. She will bring up her expertise in running her family business and Vicky will fume because she believes only a Newman should have such a high ranking sing position in the company. She also will not like having to answer to someone else when "Brash and Sassy" is her baby.

Vicky is outraged at her father and Ashley

Soaps She Knows indicates that Victor will emphasize to his daughter what an asset Ashey is but Victoria will be outraged. She also will not appreciate finding Jack's sister in her office. Ashley will apologize but Vicky will not want to deal with any of it and spoilers say she will decide to work from home.

So now Victoria has gone from running her own company to being bought out by her father, to working at home.

All this upheaval could be a preview of bigger changes coming to "The Young and the Restless" during February sweeps, so stay tuned. Y&R airs weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM on CBS. Longtime fans realize that this new partnership between Victor and Ashey probably will not last long so continue to watch each episode and find out.