It's no secret that Fox News and MSNBC are on the complete opposite ends of the political spectrum when it comes to their news coverage. As Fox News host Sean Hannity continued to defend Donald Trump on his program and downplay the investigation into Russian election interference, a host and guest on MSNBC couldn't help but fire back.

MSNBC vs Hannity

For the better part of the last 20 years, Fox News has been the number one cable news station in the country. While other news outlets like CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC have presented news from a center to center-left prospective, Fox News has dominated the market for being the only major news outlet on television that caters soley to a conservative audience.

From the Bill Clinton administration, to the days of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, all the way to current times and the presidency of Donald Trump, Fox News and the majority of their hosts have created a right-wing niche that has played well with their base. Over the last 10 months, the network has shown strong support for the Trump administration, with host Sean Hannity being one of the loudest voices. After Hannity ripped into Russian investigation special counsel Robert Mueller, the host was called out during the December 7 edition of "Deadline: White House" on MSNBC.

(Wallace's comments start at 3:20 in the above video)

Along with network contributor Steve Schmidt by her side, MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace attacked Sean Hannity over his coverage of the Russian investigation and his support of Donald Trump, specifically over his reference of Robert Mueller as a "disgrace" who is attempting to allegedly turn the United States into a "banana republic." "I sometimes I feel like I've fallen down Alice in Wonderland's rabbit hole," Wallace said, in reference to Republicans and the right-wing media's reporting of Mueller.

"Sean Hannity knows exactly what Bob Mueller has done for this country," Nicolle Wallace said, before adding, "He protected this country after 9/11." Wallace continued by calling out the "hypocrisy" of the GOP and Sean Hannity who cheered Donald Trump after his "bat-bleep crazy convention speech about law and order" and then for turning around and "attacking the top law enforcement officials in the country."

Schmidt's double down

Not stopping there, Steve Schmidt chimed in, targeting Fox News for essentially becoming a Trump-supporting propaganda machine.

"What you’re seeing on Fox News is from the type of propaganda that you would be subjected to if you lived in Belarus or if you lived in Russia," he said. Wallace then piled on by calling Fox News "dangerous" to the United States.