The latest updates and spoilers for "X-Men: dark phoenix" will feature Magneto's new team and two X-Men possibly characters joining the sequel.

Magneto's Acolytes

It seems that a new take on Michael Fassbender's character Magneto will be featured in the X-Men sequel, "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" as the Master of Magnetism will walk into another dark path during the plot.

According to a report from Nerdist, an anonymous source claim that Magneto in "Dark Phoenix" will be a cult-like leader of a new mutant team as Fassbender specifically asked for his character's costume to evoke that kind of feeling.

The website speculated that Magneto's new group will likely be the live-action version of the Acolytes.

The Acolytes are Magneto's second team of mutants next to the Brotherhood of Mutants and each member viewed him as a religious figure. While the members of his new organization are yet to be named, the mutant team will likely have the same view of Fassbender's character as in the comics.

The anonymous source also teased that two of Magneto's bases; Avalon and Genosha will be featured in the film. Avalon is space station that Erik built and it is used as the Acolytes main base of operations. Genosha is a fictional island located on the coast of Africa and it serves as a paradise for oppressed mutants.

While 20th Century Fox has not made any comments on these claims, it seems appropriate that Magneto will be seen as some sort of savior to the mutant race given that he views his species as the next stage of evolution. Having him worshipped as a messiah will give the character more depth in terms perspective and belief.

Lilandra and Dazzler

"The Martian" star Jessica Chastain officially confirmed her villainess role in "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" via Instagram post featuring her and James McAvoy, who plays the young Professor Charles Xavier.

The sequel is currently in production and it will be directed Simon Kinberg, who wrote the previous films "Day of Future Past" and "Apocalypse." Chastain's character in the film is speculated to be Lilandra, leader of the Shi'Ar empire and one of Charles Xavier's love interest in the comics.

Lilandra in the sequel will likely follow the "Dark Phoenix" saga as she tries to capture and destroy the Phoenix Force within Jean Grey leading to a confrontation between the X-Men and the Shi'Ar.

Aside from Lilandra, Entertainment Weekly confirmed that the mutant pop star Dazzler will join the movie. Dazzler has been featured an Easter egg during the mall scene in "Apocalypse" and Taylor Swift was once rumored to be cast as her in the "X-Men" film franchise.

"X-Men: Dark Phoenix is set to premiere on Nov. 2, 2018.