English television host James Corden is the host of "The late late show on CBS. He and his wife, Julia Carey, recently welcomed their third child and an incredible situation immediately unfolded. The couple was at the doctor's office for a routine visit when they were informed that the baby would soon be born. After the birth of a little girl, Corden told the doctor that he wanted to name the child Beyonce. The attending nurse heard what was said and obviously assumed Corden was serious. She immediately went to record the name officially and then Carey did something interesting.

She made it absolutely clear that she did not want her daughter to bear the name of the famous entertainer.

James Corden was not serious about naming his daughter Beyonce

James Corden later stated that there is only one Beyonce, which indicates he was not serious about giving his new daughter that particular name. As a comedian, it should have been assumed that he was joking. Unfortunately, the nurse believed he was being truthful. It's a good thing Julia spoke up when she did because the nurse took her spouse at his word. She was prepared to act based on what the entertainer had spoken and recorded the child's name.

Carey's quick reaction time prevented her daughter from being recorded officially with the same name as Queen Bey.

Nothing has been said as to whether or not Julia took her husband to task for playing around with the name of their third child. She may have known that he was only horsing around but had to react when she saw what the attending nurse was about to do.

The Beyhive would be angry if the name Beyonce had been recorded

Had James Corden given his daughter that monicker she probably would have been mocked for life because most everyone around the world associates it with the popular entertainer.

Just imagine the reaction from Beyonce's loyal followers, the Beyhive.They probably would have demanded that Corden and Carey legally change their daughter's name to something different because they are so enamored by the former Ms. Knowles.

There has been no official announcement, as of yet, regarding what James Corden and Julia Carey ultimately chose to name their third child.

Whatever they choose will certainly have less of an impact than if they had decided to dub her Beyonce. The name will more than likely be traditional like the names they gave their two older children, now six and three.