Trust Beyonce to do twins the unorthodox way. One month after their birth, Queen Bey woke up Instagram in the wee hours to share--finally--pictures of her wee ones and their names. Sir Carter and Rumi join big sister Blue Ivy. The photo was pure Beyonce in all it's pre-Raphaelite splendor. But one part seemed a little out of place and that was the odd and uneven weight loss so soon after delivery. Did Beyonce get plastic surgery to achieve that super-flat postpartum tummy?

Queen Bey shows off Sir Carter and Rumi

After weeks of quiet, Beyonce posted the twins' photo to Instragram and folks were not disappointed.

It was set, probably with Jay-Z's creative direction, in a Madonna-esque (the Mother of God, not the singer) floral grotto. Beyonce was dressed like a Virgin (and a bride) in a swirl of scarves and not much else. She resembled some kind of neo-baroque religious icon holding her children. After a few hours online, the photo had over 8 million likes, proving that the "Halo" singer still has the power to call fans, with a jingle of the phone, day or night.

Fans debate baby names and belly buttons

Beyonce announced her infant twins' names, Sir Carter and Rumi and the wild rumpus began. First, the "unusual" monikers were thrashed over. Comments suggested that Jay-Z and the pop queen were solidifying their dynasty by knighting their son.

Others ruminated on the selection of Rumi, named likely for the Muslim poet and Sufi mystic Jalal ad-Din Muhammad. People wrangled over whether the Carters were declaring an intent toward Islam. Some criticized and others defended the celebrities. And then there was the noise over the navel.

What's up with Beyonce's tiny tummy?

Another outstanding feature of Ms. Knowles-Carter's Instagram was her artfully revealed, and shockingly flat stomach with very-evident belly button. This provoked much discussion on how the "Single Ladies" shed the pregnancy belly fat so quickly. Has some miracle of weight loss been effected the last few weeks?

Certainly, breastfeeding helps the uterus return to it's normal size more quickly. But the saggy skin of the abdomen remains for some time. This smooth surface appeared to be the result of a plastic surgery tummy tuck.

Beyonce photoshopped "weight loss"?

But that doesn't explain it either because a tummy tuck leaves scars. And further, as doctors on the reality television show "Botched" explained to Mama June of "Honey Boo Boo" fame, plastic surgery isn't done immediately after childbirth. The muscles are too weak and it would be dangerous to attempt it. So when all the possibilities have been exhausted, the ones that remain--airbrush or Photoshop--are the likely solution.