Happy New Year. It's 2018, and we have the first new project from Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair called "Mom And Dad." It's a dark suburban comedy about two homicidal parents who attempt to murder their children. The film also stars Anne Winters and Zachary Arthur as the two kids in the movie. The film will be released on VOD and in limited release in theaters on January 19.

Nic Cage and Brian Taylor reunite with 'Mom and Dad'

The film is written and directed by Brian Taylor, who worked with Cage previously on 2011's "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.


The film was well-received at the Toronto Film Festival with the audience. It got an 81 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes with the critics and a 67 percent audience approval rating.

In the trailer, Cage and Blair get extremely violent when a virus in the town they live in erupts and causes them to want to murder their kids. It's a cross between a dysfunctional "Addams Family" and "Home Alone."

The highlight of the trailer is when Cage is screaming a vulgar rendition of "Hokey Pokey" while in full nutzoid mode destroying a pool table with a sledgehammer. He's just the way we love him! If you pause the video, you can get a glimpse of his underwear! Gives the Peter Gabriel song, "Sledgehammer," a whole new meaning.

Check out the official trailer below.

'Mom and Dad' premiered at Toronto Film Festival

Cage seems to be enjoying himself killing his on-screen kids. This dark-sarcastic comedy is twisted and sickening to the core. But at the same time, it’s pure insanity and mad fun. Believe it when Cage says it’s his all-time favorite film. Now we know why.

He’s a passionate man on a mission. The real Nic Cage is back! Unhinged and uncaged in a wicked roller-coaster ride and bloody-thirsty good fun.

Cage admits in interviews that horror films are his favorite genre so when the opportunity strikes to make a horror film, he doesn't hesitate. The film almost didn't exist according to an interview at the Toronto Film Festival, where it premiered.

Cage turns 54 on January 7. Happy birthday Mr. Cage. What better way to celebrate his birthday than to watch him in a horror film in full Cage-rage mode. By the looks of the trailer, Cage rocks and is not only scary but he's hilarious. It's destined to become a cult-classic for every Cage fan.

Cage's other film projects in the works include, "Between Worlds," "The Humanity Bureau," "211," "Looking Glass," "Primal," and in 2020, he lends his voice to the animated film, "The Croods 2."

I will have a full review of the film when it's released on January 19.