Jill Duggar and her husband Derick Dillard are in the news again, and once again it is not for something good. This week the Duggar couple is under fire for apparently swaddling their baby Samuel so tight with a blanket that could be potentially dangerous. As you probably know, this isn’t the first thing that the pair has been criticized for over the past few months. For example, Dillard was allegedly kicked off the family’s Reality Television Series “Counting On” after he made some transphobic comments about Jazz Jennings online. Another instance of Dillard getting into some trouble would be when he annoyed feminists online.

He irritated this large group of people when he questioned their goals and how they were prioritized.

Why do some fans feel that this Duggar couple swaddled Samuel too tight?

Some fans of this Duggar couple became furious with them when Dillard decided to post an Instagram picture of his siblings with Samuel. In this picture, Samuel can be seen with a blanket wrapped around him so tightly that it has made some fans worried about his well-being. One Duggar fan commented underneath the picture saying “Why are Samuel’s arms swaddled in so many photos.” While another wrote, “I’d LOVE to tie Jill up with a blanket so tight she couldn’t move & see how she likes it.” It is also worth mentioning that Jill found herself in hot water a while back with Duggar fans as they found out that she uses her parents’ blanket method to control her kids.

In case you aren’t familiar with the practice, it is when the parents put the baby on a blanket and when they try to roll off it the parents flick them with a ruler, so the child will ignore its natural curiosity.

What are Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard up to these days?

As mentioned above Jill and Derick being called bad parents by a few Duggar fans online isn’t all this couple have been up to.

Another instance of their apparent questionable behavior would be when Dillard set up a fundraising page for himself around the same time Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. This led a few people to think that Dillard was stealing money from the victims of the hurricane, which made the website hosting the fundraiser shut it down, as they also thought it was quite a selfish thing to do. If you want to keep up with the Duggar family, you can follow them on their social media profiles and watch them on their TLC reality television series called “Counting On.”