Nicolas Cage to play another cop in crime thriller

Nicolas Cage is currently in talks to star in a new bank heist film directed by York Alec Shackleton and produced by Jonathan Yunger and Jeffrey Greenstein with executive producers Yariv Lerner, Avi Lerner, Trevor Short, and Scott Karp entitled, “211.” The film begins production this March in Bulgaria at Nu Boyana Studios. Cage plays a good cop who is trying to foil a bank robbery. The police code “211” means robbery in progress. No release date has been set.

Another film straight to VOD

This will no doubt be another VOD, DVD and Netflix film with limited theatrical release.

The last time we saw Cage in a movie playing in theaters was "Snowden" last year. He needs to pick better roles that are more interesting and not continually play cops and robbers! He's way better than that!

Unfortunately, Nick Cage has not had a blockbuster hit since the "National Treasure" franchise. Still, many fans are still holding their collective breath for "National Treasure III” His latest film, "Arsenal" is available now on VOD. Cage is no stranger to portraying cops. He played a cop in "The Wicker Man" and a bad Las Vegas cop in "The Trust" with Elijah Wood, and he's also played a criminal who disguised himself as an imposter cop in "Dog Eat Dog." Rumor has it that he is contemplating playing a former president Ronald Reagan in a film about the former president's life, but it is not set in stone.

Nicolas Cage was concerned that the Reagan film would affect his career. It is still a work in progress. Cage was recently spotted in LAX looking tired and disheveled, talking on his cell phone, and he is keeping mum about the role. He told a reporter that "It's too soon to tell."

Cage has six films scheduled for release this year, including “The Humanity Bureau,” "Inconceivable" (which is being released in August of this year), the insane horror flick “Mom and Dad,” and “Vengeance: A Love Story.” Cage is a tireless actor who never stops working.

More details to follow as the story develops.