NBC made an extremely lucrative deal choosing to produce what turned out to be one of the best TV drama series in recent years. Back in 2016, 'This Is Us' hit the mainstream becoming the new standard of TV drama success. Since its start, it was clear that this type of show is here to stay for the long term. According to IMDB, This Is Us has been confirmed for Season 3. For the foreseeable future that's good news but depending on how things will evolve by the end of Season 2, NBC may choose to extend the production of new seasons.

The mid-Season 2 break gives the right amount of time to review and process the flurry of emotions Season 2 has delivered.

The storyline focused on some black spots in the characters' past. Jack Pearson's death remains the biggest mystery of the TV series while the recent developments of Kevin's behavior shifted the tension at least one gear higher.

'This Is Us' might deliver even more drama

No matter how good a TV show tends to be, in order to maintain a steady, with a tendency to increase audience, it must deliver some shock waves on a regular basis. A linear show cannot survive a long journey pattern. Apparently, 'This Is Us' is here to stay for several years which means that breaking the narrative pattern once in a while might just give the proper kick up.

All the hints point to an extended secrecy regarding how Jack Pearson died.

Basically, Jack is the central point of the entire drama, and an early release of the veil might produce some future damages to the entire story. On the other side, other characters like Kevin have put themselves in harm's way recently. The character who made millions and became famous after The Manny show finds himself in a slump, both physically and emotionally.

He ended the Episode 10 in a rather precarious position being put under arrest on DUI charges. Moreover, that highway stunt will impact the relationship with his brother Randall and his sister Kate. Alone and without any ally on his side, Kevin makes a perfect candidate for what some anticipate to be a significant death towards the Season 2 ending.

Nothing comes as a certainty

Jack's death and the possible dramatic story of Kevin are no the only dark directions show might follow next. Recently, Toby had his own issues after suffering a heart attack. His fiancee Kate is not completely off the hook after losing the pregnancy. Although the chances are slim, she can encounter some future troubles too.

Moving to Randall's family, things are pretty much the same. Beth seems a well-anchored character while Randall can't brag about having a perfect past sheet. He had two meltdown s in the past, so things may turn up ugly for hi especially now when he must deal with Kevin who put Tess' life at risk.

There is also the possibility that Season 2 will end with no significant story twist or information from the past. Given the size of the show and the number of fans following it, it's a risk that 'This Is Us' could take without facing the possibility of failure.