'Counting On' fans seem to love the idea of people who work with their hands. Good honest toil was shown in a video posted by @autsinandjoyforsyth on Instagram.

Austin and Bobby were working on a new hay feeder for the cows. And they were doing it carefully, with gloves, helmet and care. Responsible safety in the workplace, along with physical hard work maketh the man! It was captioned, Austin & Bobby hard at work building a hay feeder for the cows."

Austin working in the shed doing honest toil

There were over 3,500 likes and a whole bunch of nice comments about the video.

Maybe it's because hard work really cannot be criticized, but the usual Duggar haters were not around.

People seemed to appreciate the video so much, and let's face it watching guys weld is not usually rivetting stuff!

One commenter wrote, "Hope all is well and looking forward to getting updates on you guys, hopefully counting on will fill us in soon! Blessing to you guys!"

Another person wrote that it seems Austin was "definitely made for that life.

Lots of Joy-Anna and Austin's fans picked up on the cows

Cows must bring out the love. There seem to be a lot of people who love cows who follow Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna.

User Monicamberv posted, "cows are my favorite animal, I thought I was weird for finding them cute haha." and another user replied, "yessss. Cows are so cute! They have the longest eyelashes lord knows how anyone can kill and eat such docile animals. Breaks my heart "

Honest toil comments

Honest toil and hard work appeal to many people.

One user commented, "Real men work with their hands!!!" and another posted, "Having some fun with that stinger. lol I need to do some work stick work. Looks good tho."

User jen5896 commented, "He’s such a hard worker! You chose your Mate well Joy!"

Apart from that, there were some kind and loving thoughts posted to Austin Forsyth and Joy, which was refreshing to read.

User marjoleins_life, kindly asked, "How are you feeling joy? Hope your doing well." Another loving message came from riva_gina who posted this message to the young couple. "Joy I do pray your happy you have chosen a hard working life for God. Honey well done all strength to you and Austin "

Usually, it's Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo who get all the love, so it's nice to see that people do genuinely care about Joy and Austin. And for once there were no trolls and haters to spoil the moment for those who have taken the young Duggar Family couple into their hearts.