''This Is Us'' caused a stir with its mid-season finale last week when Episode 10 came under a wide scrutiny. Those freshly acquired legions of fans will have to wait up until New Year's Eve to get some sort of conclusion on this season. NBC's show delivered some outstanding narrative threads so far, and a genuine powder keg has been in the making over the last few episodes.

For most of the viewers, Kevin Pearson stepping off the regular route, was the proof that the one who once was 'The Manny' can still wheel into a dangerous turn. The show's apparent linear unfolding suffered a major twist once Kevin got completely off the rail while struggling with more burdens than he was able to bear.

By acting recklessly, Kevin put others in danger's way too.

In what can easily be described as a total meltdown episode, Kevin Pearson's character went on to jeopardize other people's lives, and careers too. His meltdown consisted of a first collateral victim as he put an abrupt end to his relationship with Sophie. Trying to put his hands on some painkillers, he took advantage of some former high school colleagues. Kevin's attitude on this matter followed the same old scenario when an addict is willing to do whatever it takes to feed off the addiction.

Ultimately, completely unplugged from the day-to-day reality, Kevin didn't notice that one of his nieces, Tess, had hidden in the backseat of his car in what can be described as a childish yet heart-warming attempt to bond with her uncle.

Suffering from withdrawal symptoms, and totally under the influence of alcohol, he may have had a wake-up call episode once Tess made her presence known. Even so, Kevin got pulled over and arrested on DUI charges.

Kevin has tampered with his only two assets in life.

As an actor, all that Kevin has had was his image. In the light of the latest developments and the storm his life has been, Kevin Pearson may see his future as a TV star going down the sink pretty fast.

Moreover, the drinking problem, and the opioid addiction, do nothing but to deepen the hole.

Assuming that all from the above won't demolish him, he will find it rather impossible to put things right with his family. Randall and Beth are already miles away from him, since he put their child in danger. Kate and Toby are having their own issues, and Kevin was nowhere near to being supportive.

Apparently, his mother Rebecca is the only one capable of keeping him above the floating line. The second half of Season might shed some light on this matter. At this point, Kevin Pearson is at a major crossroad in his life. Therefore, he might be extremely vulnerable and some awful decisions may crop up out of his darkness.